The requisite of the SEO is not static, it keeps on changing, and most of the times, it is very tedious to keep track of all the developments in the SEO niche. If you are following for some significant SEO ranking factors for your growth, then do read the article till the end.

Here is a list of best factors you need to know

1.     A secure website

A secure website is one which has a safe and right working URL. A right and proper URL is something which can be easily reached by Google. Google has a productive algorithm that enters your site and read what is written in it and what is the page about. This helps your page get access by Google. A secure website can be created with the help of right URLs, complex codes, and sitemaps, and so on.


2.     The speed of the page

The speed of the page is one of the very significant factors for SEO ranking. Google is improving the SEO sources every day to provide users with all the benefits of the ranking market. Lesser the load of the page, faster is the site.

3.    Devices friendly website

Various devices entertaining sites are one of the significant factors of SEO that helps in your ranking. These days, most of them browse on their mobile phones and similar devices than the traditional desktops. To comprehend the changing browsing comfort, it is imperative to build websites with device friendly features.

4.    Domain related constraints

Domain related constraints like age of the domain, URL and also the authority of the domain are very significant for the SEO ranking. The age of the site has a crucial role in the ranking, and the study says that more than 60% of the websites that are in the Google’s top ten search lists are more than three years old. Make your site very relevant and keep the quality high; these few features can fetch you great ranks.

5.    Optimized content

For the SEO industry, content is the king. You must have heard a lot of factors that bring quality to your content, but the very significant one which elevates you to a desirable height is the keywords rich quality content. Optimized content is one of the very chief SEO ranking factors.

6.   User Experience

The User experience of your site can raise your rank in no time. It is the reign of Artificial intelligence. Google is one of the users to rank the website to increase user experience. If your site has a user-friendly interface, then the bounce of your website will be effortless.

7.    Strong links

Since content marketing has many drivers like content, keywords and links, among them, links are one of the very influence factors for the SEO rankings. There are three different types of links that Google determines, inbound links, outbound links and internal links. A content value increase with respect to the kind of link.

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