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A Look at Some of the Reasons Why Your Accountancy Firm Should Start Blogging

Blogging is a long-winded process, especially for smaller businesses who don’t really see the benefits. However, if your small accountancy firm doesn’t blog and offers content to its audience, you could be missing out on a lot of potential clients coming through your door. As soon as you land a big client, as an accountant, you’re pretty much set for life. Therefore, you should be doing everything in your power to land those clients, and blogging could well be the thing that helps you achieve that. Have a look below at some of the other reasons why your accountancy firm should start blogging today.

Increase Your Search Engine Presence

Blogging helps build content – content helps build a search engine presence. If your site has little to no content, your targeted clientele won’t know you exist if they’re looking for the accountancy related services you provide. The search engine spiders crave high-quality content that’s unique but also offers visitors informative content that can benefit them. By spending a couple of hours (or more) every week on creating quality content, you’ll be able to target short and longtail keywords that could help you target the big clients you need to succeed.

Have Access to Better Content to Provide to Your Social Media Audiences

Quality content isn’t just handy for your website, it’s also perfect for content marketing practices using social media. You could share content that already exists on the internet, but sharing content that’s your own could pave a way for you to bring in a better client base. Don’t rely on content that’s not unique. Instead, create your own, and you’ll be rewarded with not only more Facebook and Twitter followers that you can advertise your services to, but also more clients.

Help Out Potential Clients for Free

As an accountant, you’ll obviously have experience with everything accountancy. Instead of charging for small services, why not offer them for free as quality content on your blog? It will considerably increase your traffic thanks to the search engines but, more importantly, it could help you build instant relationships for helping potential clients out with the smallest of services.

Become a Leader in Your Industry

One great benefit of blogging is that you’ll be able to engage with your audience in a way that could paint your business as a reputable leader in the accountancy services sector you provide. Engaging with your audience, thanks to your own content, will only help you build trusting relationships which could be the difference in your accounting business becoming a success. If you’ve obtained your relevant online accounting degree (bachelors of accounting), and you’ve had experience working for a top firm, starting your own accountancy business would be the next step. However, that might not work if you don’t market your website the right way – blogging will build a foundation for you to easily market.

Of course, blogging isn’t the only task you’ll need to consider in order to create a much larger audience to serve, but content marketing strategies are benefitting many businesses in various industries, and it will certainly have an impact on yours.

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  1. Sayesha says:

    Very useful tricks. Thanks for sharing. Some were really helpful to even for experienced people. However for newbies all those were very helpful.

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    It is very relevant since the rise of the digital age, Blogging really helpful in Bussiness Strategy…From where & how to start is always one big question! and you have explained it very well marketing strategies are benefitting many businesses in various industries, and it will certainly have an impact on your Accountancy Firm.
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    some were really helpful to even for experienced people. However, for newbies, all those were very helpful.
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