It is tough for the black hat tricks to work in the 21stv century as the search engines have been in a war over the issue for many years and tried to evade the whole thing in one swipe, which they were successful in doing. But still, there are some shady black hats used in the current market, which is a potential threat to all using them knowingly or unknowingly. Hence be aware of the same while using the Search engine optimisations.

1. Content Bait

The most common issue is content bait wherein a malicious content is made up and used to lure the people or viewers into the website using the search engines, these have a potential malware threat or virus linked or attached to the site, and hence it can pose as a severe threat. There are some forums to check these out and probably help in reducing these risks.

2. Link Manipulation

This is common in most of the pirated websites which claim to give access to some paid software or app using some links which are to be downloaded. The fake links can be ignored or can be got rid using third party security options, which make it more secure and can easily detect malware.  Buying niche edits is one one way to manipulate search engines extremely well.  These links are, of course, deemed not to be used by Google themselves.

3. Tactics

Some of the websites use fake tactics to lure you in. Some of them do involve potential threats like the links but much worse and can freeze the interface leaving no other option other than rebooting the whole system, which can lead to a loss of valuable data.

4. Money

Always doesn’t have to be legal but sometimes is illegal and can pose a threat to the users by either hacking into the system or interface and can cause some severe hindrance. Also involves cookie overloading.

5. Article Overturning

The most common ones include article overturns or also called as spinning. It is the easiest way of turning an existing content upside down and making it look like new just by replacing the words or introducing unique content. This helps them to avoid plagiarism and move up the search engine optimisation rankings.

6. Malicious Active Content

The content is very abrupt and animated hence taking lesser time to pop up and create a nuisance to the user, some of them can be ignored while others can’t, and they can create potential threats in the form of virus and hacking.

7. Web Rings

Web ring is hard to manipulate as it requires authentication from the main Webmaster. It is jumping of websites and creating a loop to generate more traffic density and help to get more views from different sources. This is a laborious process, and hence people tend to hesitate to use the same.

8. Comment Spam

Blogs usually have a comment box which allows the users to access the feedback section of the blog, and this might make up to be a potential threat and can hinder the smooth functioning and create spam and divert traffic from the blog or the website.

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