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10 Big Business Blog FAQs

There was a time when a business website was a luxury that small businesses couldn’t afford! Now, web being quite-available for everyone, almost all businesses have a website. Even before starting an actual office, companies take an effort to build an impressive, effective and worthwhile website. They are so sure about the fact that a website is kind of essential for their brand, reputation and corporate identity. Despite that, there exists some confusion when we do consider the case of business blogs. Most businesses do not really understand the real significance of business blogs. Some of them keep an ignorant attitude too. Business Blog

Business Blog

On the contrary, when used well, business blogs have a huge role in reputation-building and customer interaction. In this article, we would like to answer the 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Business Blogs. You may have further doubts. But, the FAQs and answers will help you get a sufficient idea about business blogs and their significant. But, if you ask us your further doubts via comments, we will be happy to answer you.


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Before We Begin Business Blog

In case if you did not know, Business Blog is a regularly updated-updated website that’s published along with your website. In normal cases, blogs use platforms such as WordPress. If your website is also powered by WordPress CMS, it will have a dedicated section for blog. In short, a business blog is a platform to write more and publish more. Now, we will get onto the questions.

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Why Should We Write a Business Blog?

If you prefer a short answer, a business blog is to enhance user interaction. If you take the case of website, there is a certain set of content. For instance, suppose you are a manufacturer of Smartphone accessories. Then, your website will consist of the product details, specifications and contact information. But, you may have to tell your customers a lot of additional details too. For instance, you may have to show some tutorials. Or, you will have to do a comparison of different accessories. Similarly, there is much other information you can share. A business blog is the best place to publish all these content, without messing with your website. This way, you can keep your website clean and clear. It is to be noted that an active business blog can enhance user interaction and brand value.

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Do We Really Need a Business Blog?

We have already told you why you should write a business blog. There’s something we didn’t — that, you must write it well. Depending on the type of business you own, you can decide between having and not having a business blog. We have also told you about the advantages of having a business blog, such as enhanced popularity and interaction with customers. You should also be innovative about the content you publish. There is no point in publishing those random stuffs that have no relation with your products or services. In short, for a growing business, you do need one business blog — which needs to be managed well.

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What is to be written in the Blog?

You should be conscious about the content you write in your business blog. The content should not be a mere listing of products/services you offer. Nor it should be like an advertising of your services. On the other hand, business blog should consist of additional information your customers like to know. Suppose you are a manufacturer of different Smartphone accessories. Then, you can write about stuff such as comparisons, how-products-work tutorials, top-lists of products etc. You can also publish video-based tutorials about your products. All these should be written with a subtle sense. You can use the posts for promotion but they should not seem so. Instead of posting random stuff, all the business blog posts should have a common objective. The posts need to be interactive and should make audience think. Likewise, they should be authentic from the technical point of view. Despite all these, there are not many boundaries to blog content — given that you know about its effectiveness.

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Who Needs to Write These Blog Posts?

The answer depends upon how many people are there in your company. It also depends upon how many members in your team are capable of writing well. As in terms of SEO and readability, a multi-author blog is favorable, because it can have a set of different voices and perspectives. Nevertheless, you must not compromise quality just for the sake of being multi-authored blog. Another advice is to improve the content after getting it written by an expert. For instance, you have to get in-depth details of a section, from a true expert. In such cases, you can get the content and improve its quality. The one and only condition of writing business blog posts is the quality and authenticity.

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Does a Business Blog Improve SEO?

It’s a proven fact that a well-managed business blog can have a positive impact on SEO of your website. That way, it can improve sales of products and services too. For this to happen, your blog has to be updated regularly. It should contain worthwhile content that can be associated with your products/services. Moreover, the blog posts should contain the major keywords related to a product/service. However, you should not stuff keywords; on the other hand, they need to be inserted naturally. There are other techniques for improving SEO via business blogs. You can, for instance, share your content throughout social media platforms. You can also get some back links from authority websites in the niche. When these factors are combined with quality content, the business blog can enhance SEO — so well.

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How Business Blog and Brand Awareness Related to Each Other?

A well-updated business blog has a huge impact on brand awareness. Even if the blog fails to get you SEO benefits, it will surely help you to make your brand popular. The logic is so simple. You are writing more about the products, the way they work and the culture you follow. This way, the readers get a clean idea about your brand. If there are some other things that make your brand different, you can write those too. Altogether, you should reflect the identity of a brand through the business blog. Doing so can have an unprecedented impact on popularity of your brand. In short, the more you blog well, the better you build your brand.

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How to Attract Readers into the Blog?

This is a question that has multiple answers. There are different ways to get more people to read your blog. Simplest way to do that is to share your content via social media. If you have a popular Facebook page or Twitter account, this will increase readers. You can also build good relations with active bloggers in related industry. That way, you can get enhanced reach for your blog posts and all. Moreover, if you publish quality content with necessary keywords, it will also increase readers of blog — via Organic traffic from Google search. There are some additional methods such as a few paid promotions and sponsored posts. But, they are best only after you’ve built the basic readership.

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How to Name a Business Blog?

Name of your business blog is a pivotal factor in brand reputation and popularity. The name must be associated with your actual brand name. At the least, it should have a basic link in-between. Doing so will help your readers to get an effective connection between blog posts and products. Also, the name should be easy to pronounce and use. It must be so easy to be recalled by all your visitors. And, you know, simple is beautiful.

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What is the Frequency of Updating a Business Blog?

This too depends upon the product/service you are writing about. The blog should be updated on a regular basis but it should not cause information overload. Information overload is when you provide a lot of info and people may not comprehend all that data. Practically speaking, the blog should have a minimum of one post per week. Depending on the content you can write, you can get the number to three or four. It’s advisable to stick onto healthy frequency as it comes to success of a business blog.

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How to Know the Success of a Business Blog?

As we mentioned above, the objective of business blog is to enhance brand recognition and thus boost reputation. If you can receive that, your business blog is successful. On the other hand, visitors count can be a factor for success. If you need an idea about traffic, you can set up Google Analytics or other traffic analytics service. This way, you have a clear idea about the people who visit your blog posts. If you are into serious social media promotion, corresponding actions — such as likes, shares, re-tweets — can be factors of success. After all, success is a relative thing, and you will have your own version of it.

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Now, we have answered 10 Frequently Asked Questions about business blogs. As we said, you would get a clear idea about business blogs via these answers. That having said, you may have extra doubts, which you can ask through the comments section. We will try our best to give you the best answers for your doubts. Till then, wishing you happy business blogging 😉

Here, we have answered the 10 big Business Blog FAQs asked by business owners. Use this to get a clear idea on business blogs.

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