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5 Opt-in Plugins That Kill Bloggers When Ignored

Scary isn’t it? Opt-in Plugins

“What could those 5 opt-ins be? I hope I have them…”

You could get away with ignoring one but it’ll wound you badly.Ignore two or more and you’re dead.

Here they are…

1.   Sidebar Opt-in Plugins

Sidebar opt-ins get the lowest conversion rates.So why am I mentioning them?

Well, just because they have low conversion rates doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

I mean what else will you put in your sidebar? An ad?

Here’s a sidebar opt-in from Quick Sprout

Opt-in Plugins QuickSprout

If your offer is of high value (like the one above) you can still get loads of subscribers. You’ll make more money in the long term from sidebar opt ins than you’d make from sidebar ads. If you still insist on putting ads then put them under your sidebar opt in.

2.   Feature box Opt-in Plugins

All bloggers hail the conversions rates of the feature box. They say it converts at around 5%.

So what is the feature box?

It’s the box that sits on the top of your blog. Here’s an example from Tor Refsland’s blog

Opt-in Plugins 1

Every page the user navigates to will have this feature box. The offer is hard to ignore and because of it’s prominent position it tends to get high opt in rates.

3.   Content Upgrade Opt-in Plugins

The best opt-in you can ever put.

Some bloggers have gotten as much as 59.2% conversion rate from one post because they had a content upgrade.

opt-in Plugins 2

The reason content upgrades have such a high conversion rate is because they are relevant to the post.

Here’s an example of a content upgrade…

The offer is hard to resist. If you’re reading the post on blogging ROI then you sure want to get every single insight you can get your hands on. It feels like getting premium content and any serious reader will give you their email to get such information.

4.    Pop up Opt-in Plugins

The annoying one, everyone’s seen it. Let me remind you. Here’s one by Syed Balkhi

opt-in Plugins 3

Sure, a lot of people hate it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t convert.They convert at around 5% similar to the feature box.

Especially when a visitor is about to exit, this is your last chance to get them to covert before you lose them forever (since over 75% of visitors will never return).

5.   Squeeze Page Opt-in Plugins

If you’re planning on driving traffic from ads and guest posts etc, then you need a squeeze page. You don’t send traffic to your homepage, that’s pointless. You send traffic to a squeeze page with a specific offer… where they either opt-in or bounce.

Here’s a good one from Reboot Authentic

Opt-in Plugins 4

Conversion rates can be as high as 30% sometimes 50% or more (depending on the type of traffic and your offer).

That’s it. Those are all the 5 opt-in forms you need on your blog if you ever want to grow an email list fast.

You might be scratching your heads now and thinking…

“Well that’s all great Zak, but what are the best plugins for these opt-ins?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick list of my some of the best opt-in form plugins, squeeze page plugins and then my recommendation in the end.

Opt-in form Plugins

Thrive leads

Their plans start at $67 for a single site license. They offer pop ups, sidebar forms, content upgrades… and every other opt-in form there is. They have everything.


Optinmoster has a plan for $49 that only includes the pop up form and MonsterLinks (content upgrade) and nothing else. You’ll need the $199/year plan to get all the others.

Content Upgrades Pro

Content upgrades pro is the best content upgrades plugin and starts at $47 for a single site license.

SumoMe Opt-in Plugins

From the ones we’ve talked about, they only have pop ups which they call “List builder”, it’s free.

They also offer smart bar, welcome mat and scroll box which are all free and awesome.

Plugmatter Opt-in Plugins

If you’d like a dedicated plugin just for feature boxes then plugmatter is what you should get. Their superior feature box starts at $37 for a single site license.

Now on to the landing pages…

Squeeze Page Plugins Opt-in Plugins

Thrive Landing Pages

Plans start at $67 for a single site license. This plugin is made by the same developers as thrive leads. So if you’re one of those bloggers who likes to stick to one developer then thrive landing pages and thrive leads are for you.

Instapage Opt-in Plugins

Plans start at $29 a month.

OptimizePress Opt-in Plugins

OptimizePress starts at $97 for 3 sites (the minimum is 3 sites).

Unbounce Opt-in Plugins

Unbounce is perhaps the most expensive squeeze/landing page plugin. However, for a good reason. It is the easiest customizable plugin out there. Their plans start at $49 per month.


Who’s the winner?

No one. It all depends on your circumstances.

If you’re on a bootstrap budget and you want every single opt-in we’ve talked about then go for Thrive landing pages and thrive leads as they offer the best value for money.

If you have a huge budget and you want to purchase the best of each then you should get Unbounce for your squeeze pages, content upgrades pro for your content upgrades, Plugmatter for your feature box and thrive leads or Optinmonster for your pop up and sidebar opt-ins.

Now it’s time to start growing that email list like a pro!

Bio: Zak Mustapha is a marketer and the founder of Foolishness File on a lifelong mission to help entrepreneurs learn from other entrepreneur’s mistakes so they can advance faster than others. Sign up to his free course: How to Craft Influencer Outreach Emails That Get Responses (And Avoid Common Mistakes That Get You Blacklisted).

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    Quite a good article , i had already used some of them but some are new for me and will definitely try these too.
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