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50 Interesting Small Businesses Website Features

A website is something that is a mouthpiece of your business. A website is the first step if you are looking to establish your business. It is very crucial to do a good job when it comes to website building. Your potential clients may choose your competitors if you don’t have a great website.To make a great website you must include some website features in your business website.

Website Features

Even if you are a freelancer or a professional agency you must make sure to have a checklist of essential elements for your website. This will ensure that your site doesn’t lack crucial information. So what does a basic website have? In this post, we have tried to give the interesting yet essential features that any basic website must have in order to grow.

Domain name:

Domain name is one of the most important website features that must have to include in the list.Every website must have a domain name. Domain is something that can attract people instantly. Your domain should be catchy. It should be something that the customers can easily relate to. Keep your domain name simple and easy to remember.


A good logo can be helpful in a number of ways.So, we can consider logo is 2nd most important website features that must have to include. People believe in the fact that serious companies have logos and it is well established. It has been seen that clients treat the company more seriously that have trademark logos and symbols. Logos are easier to remember and relate to. A good logo can convey the whole meaning of the company to the reader or customer.


Tagline is also a good website features that must include in any website.A tagline is something small that makes a huge impact. A potential customer will always look for a website that is quick in giving information. Users these days want descriptive, specific and easy to understand taglines that instantly connects to them.So, we can consider Tagline one of the imporatnt website features among all the website features.

Call to action button:

This is another website features mostly used in social networking site. The basic aim of any website is to connect with your customers. And the best way to do this is by the calling option on your site. Listing a phone number might not help you much. Instead what you can do is have Called to Action button on your site. Normally contact number is at the end of the page and users these days don’t have that much time.

Phone number:

Adding phone number is also a great website features. The best way to get more customers is by reaching them. The simplest yet most effective way of doing this is by posting your telephone number on your website. A number on your website makes it look more reliable and reputed. A phone call is the best way to eliminate any suspicion that may be growing the mind of the customer. This particularly helps when you are dealing in online business. 

Top Navigation:

An organized and easy top navigation is crucial for any website. An easy navigation will allow the visitor to spend more time at your website. The more time a customer spends, the more he starts trusting.

You should think strategically while creating the Top Navigation. Understanding the needs of the visitors and making them follow the path you want them to travel. This will help you in achieving your goals.

Bread Crumb Navigation:

Bread crumb navigation is nothing but directions with a comparison to good driving directions. People do not always know where to look for their information on your website. So you must have easy directions for them to search their required information. A website that has difficult guidance is always last on the priority list of users. Users should not get confused on your website. The best crumb feature can be the most important part any website design strategy.

Slider or Image:

A slider or an image can be used to expand the information that you want to convey to the user. A slider is something where you can expand your message that cannot be explained through logo and taglines. The slider is always handy and makes your company stand out from the competitors.

Crucial Business Information:

There is no point in creating the master piece and then keeping it locked away. Similarly, every user wants to get information about you and the easiest way is through the website. Understanding the needs of the customers and then fulfilling them should be the top priority of your website.

Testimonials and reviews:

You must include testimonials into your website & you can consider it one of the important website features of all.You want to get the faith and interest of your customers. The best way of showing this is through testimonials and reviews. When a user will read good reviews about your service they will definitely want to try it at least once. Testimonials and reviews are by all means a must thing when it comes to building trust with your visitors.

Main Features:

If a visitor does not get what he wants, he will simply close your website. The main features of your website should always be highlighted and easy to find on your website. Reading through the main features is the best way to give information about your website. This can help in creating interest among the visitors.

Quality Content:

Quality content forms the backbone of any features section of a small business website. A person will only scroll down the whole page if likes your content. A good and exceptional content can work as an extended sales presentation of your website. Content carries all the necessary details of the company that every user would like to know.

Internal Links:

Interlinks is also a good website features among all. An Internal link is nothing but pointing to pages on the same website. You must have your website indexed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing in order for the users to find them easily. Interlinking basically helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps in users to navigate a website and secondly, these links help web crawlers establish the hierarchy of pages on a website. This helps search engines decide which pages to show in search results and which to skip.

Contact Information:

Full, detailed contact information is a great tool for generating leads for your business. It will make your company look trustworthy, open and accessible. People often look for contact information on websites. Contact information should be located at the bottom of the page because it is needed for people who are really interested in doing business with you. It is, therefore, no need to place it at multiple locations. , Contact information can be placed on “About Us” page or “Contact Us” page. Make sure that you provide the correct information.

Business Hours:

Make sure you have updated business hours. This will help the prospects in knowing about your working pattern. It could be annoying for customers to see a closed sign at your website. It is a great way to make your customers informed about your hours when you will be available to them.

Social Media Buttons:

It becomes very easy for visitors to find you on social networks with Social media buttons. This can add social proof and your value in the eyes of customers.Facebook page with a lot of activity, Instagram account with a lot of pictures, an active YouTube account and frequently updated Twitter all communicate that your company is very active and is doing well. Social media are a great way to help you with market testing and product reviews.

Newsletter Sign Up Integration:

This website features helps you to build relationship with your website visitors. A frequently updated newsletter and email marketing is a perfect tool to do so. Sending a newsletter to your customers once a month is a great way to keep users engaged.

Online Chat Website Features:

Online chats offer real-time communication and are preferred over text messages. People want their queries to be immediately answered and live chat is the best option. Users get annoyed when they have to wait for long on the phone talking to an executive.Live chat doesn’t have any problem that is why it is the preferred communication choice for a lot of people.

Contact Form:

Contact form is a must include website features. The contact form allows customers to instantly send you a message. They don’t have to waste time on opening their emails than typing a message in a separate window. With a contact form, everything can be done on the same page of your website. It is a convenient method for both the visitor as well as you. You can keep forms according to categories. This makes the job more efficient and time-saving.

CAPTCHA or anti-spam feature:

If you post your email address or have a contact form without a CAPTCHA feature, your email may end up in a spam database.Web site with an anti-spam feature makes keeps you safe from spam bots.

This saves you from getting spam or unsolicited emails.Captcha is the best solution for all these problems.

Personalized “About us” page:

You should not be shy when it comes to a Personalized “About us” page. You should update it from time to time.Give a long interesting description here. It is the best way to give details about your website like history, present offers, and future plans.

Inner content in F pattern:

What’s an F pattern?

An F pattern is a way how visitors read the content of a website. This pattern consists of two horizontal lines followed by a vertical line. It is a fast and effective method that a user makes to read the content.  So try to make your pages in this pattern for higher visits.

Privacy Policy page:

Privacy Policy is the page that search engines use to determine your trustworthiness.A Privacy Policy page will make it easier for you to work. It eliminates potential problems with the law and various government agencies. It stops any misunderstandings that might occur between you and your customers occur.

FAQ Page:

Customers and visitors usually have a lot of questions. You can answer them personally or create a FAQ page to save time. This is a cheaper and easier way to answer questions of prospects and clients.

Your FAQ page can also be used as a script for your support stuff.

Blog Page:

Blog Page is the best way to connect with your prospects and clients. An interesting and updated blog can do wonders for your website. It should contain the same things as your social media. It should also have everything interests your customers. Blogs is a simple way of creating a fan base and getting popular.

Search Function:

A search function feature is something that significantly improves the usability of your website.

Users can search what they want by entering the keyword in the search bar. This saves their time and makes it easier for them to stay on your website. If you a website with a large database, then this proves immensely useful.

Social Media Share Buttons:

Social media share buttons are quite different from social media buttons. These buttons help the users to share your website in their social WebPages. This kind of social media integration has become important today. It is a free publicity that you can get by having Social Media Share Buttons.

Comment Feature:

A comment feature helps in engaging customer you website. It is the best way to leave your competitors behind. Positive comments can really help in giving your business a boost. It will also give you some idea of what the customers really want. A lot of things can be learned from customer comments.


At times the top and bottom navigation on the page are simply not enough to give all the information. This is where a sidebar comes to play. You can have anything you wanton the sidebar. These could be links to popular posts or pages, tags, a list of recent comments, upcoming event notifications and so on.

Links those are easy to recognize:

The visitors should stay as long as possible on your website. So you must keep your links clearly visible and easy to recognize. A person browsing or reading something on your website should be able to see these links. If a visitor is interested in a particular feature he should be able to click on a link and go to a new page and continue reading.

Easily readable Clear Font:

I personally think that easy readable font is also one of the good website features from all the website features mentioned here. You must have a clear, easily readable font on your website.You must choose font wisely since different fonts are shown differently in different browsers and devices.Font size, style, and color are very important. You should not use complicated fonts and not overload your page with things that shouldn’t be on it.

Mobile responsive:

The majority of the people today like to access websites on their Smart Phones. A mobile friendly website is definitely a boon for today’s world. The website should have fluid layouts to adapt to mobile phone screens.

Since mobiles come in different sizes and have screens of different sizes.A mobile responsive website is an answer today.

Automatic sitemap:

A website appears on Google and other search engines if it indexed by web crawlers. Web Crawlers will only index your website if it has a sitemap. Sitemaps play a crucial role in making your website available on search engines. It is therefore extremely important to have a sitemap with an automatic update feature.

Easy update page titles, Meta description:

The title of a page is perhaps the most important thing. It is the necessary to both users and for search engine optimization. Search engines use Meta descriptions as preview snippet of any page.

A short and sweet Meta description is something that can drive traffic to your website. The web crawlers will catch the keywords and page titles from this.

Easy to update URL structure:

URL structure is something that search engines pay special attention. You must try to keep your URL as easy as possible. The best URL should be the one that tells in words what a page is about. Your URL can contain numbers and keywords. An easy URL can lead to better rank in search engines. Complicated URL may lead to a lower rank on search engines.

Good reliable Web Hosting:

Having a good, reliable and fast web host plays a very crucial role. It is equally important as designing your website. A slow loading website will lead to loss of visitors and potential customer. Search engines take the loading speed of your website into the rating they give to each website. A fast web host is spending. At , you will get detailed hosting tips and tutorials that will help you mark an online presence. So when you decide on establishing website go for the best and most reliable web host.——————


You can say security is only one among all website features that can save you from disaster. Your website has filed just like your computer. These files can get infected with the virus. It is very important to use anti-virus software and other security features on your website. Popular websites have chances of getting infected with viruses.It will also keep the data of your customer details such as emails, newsletters, personal details and shipping addresses safe. You must keep updating the software of your website as often as possible. Use secure protocols to exchange data along with distributed domain name services. Such services work as a barrier between you and your users and protect you from severe attacks.

Auto backup:

Auto backup is one of the most important website features. Disaster may strike at any time and you may all the precious data. Though web hosting companies ensure you of everything but there are still chances that accident may occur.Servers may crash, get infected with viruses, hard drives may fail, theft may occur, and natural disasters may happen.

Therefore it is always a good option to have an automatic backup. It will help you to roll back your website to the last working version, should a disaster strikes.

Using Content Management System:

Today it is simply not enough to manually put up pages on your website. This is where the role of a Content Management System comes to play. Content Management System is a computer application that publishes edits, modifies, organizes and deletes content on your website. It significantly reduces the amount of manual coding required to maintain a website.

Cross browser compatible:

You must always check your website on different browsers. Your website should work with famous browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Different browsers also have different ways of showing the pages of your website, therefore, it is important to check your website in different browsers. Make sure it is compatible with all the major platforms.

Google Webmaster Tools:

These are free tools that are provided by Google. They help you to better understand views on your site. You can get an idea to improve the performance of your website and enhance search results.

As a small business owner, you don’t have to worry about a non-functional or incomplete website. Just follow the above-mentioned features get started. Hopefully, this post will highlight all the important areas you need to check off on in the creation process.

50 Interesting small businesses website features – Guest post by Richard.

Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications and has a substantial experience in Network and Sever Management. Besides technology he loves photography and travelling.

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