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8 Mistakes that Every Blogger should avoid to get success!

What do successful bloggers do? How do they get huge amount of traffic? How they can easily rank their keywords in search engines? Mistakes

Mistakes Blogger DO

Well there is a lot of difference in the way a successful blogger works. Here in this post I am going to list down 8 mistakes that bloggers often makes. Some of the common mistakes that can be avoided. By avoiding these you can come into the list of successful bloggers soon. Mistakes

Not Building an Email List Mistakes

The biggest mistake most bloggers make is that they do not make an Email List. Building an Email List is very important as Email List provides you the chance to directly interact with your site user. Email is  a thing that every person always use.  Send them newsletters on special occasions like Christmas, new year and any other special day. Also you can send them affiliate offers time and again. But one thing to keep in mind is that you should not be much mechanical in sending these promotional offers. Mistakes

Avoiding Visual Content

Visual content is very important for your website popularity. There is a huge audience who only loves visual content, they do not care about the text written in the blog post. Moreover images and videos in the post revive the post and make it live and presentable to the user. Here you should know about 20 Types of content that will help you to get huge amount of traffic.

Not Building a relationship with your readers

Building a relationship with your readers is very important. You need to be active on social media as well as your comment system. If a reader posts some comments on your blog, then reply them as early as possible. This will make user stick to your site and you will get loyal audience. Also you should build a community over various social networks where you can interact with people of your domain.

Reserving too much from putting up Ads

Try ads and do not refrain yourself from showing it. Don’t stop yourself from putting ads. A Single penny earning from your blog will motivate you to do more and more.

Not Choosing a good design

Design of your website is very important. A simple, crisp and presentable design of a website is more effective than showing up too much on the home page. There should be proper navigation, tag based posts and defined categories. Try avoiding heavy sliders and movable widgets on your website. They hamper the loading time of your website.

Dependent on Single Income

Most of the bloggers demotivated when they are unable to earn something out of it. So first rule of blogging is that you should not rely only on the blogging income in start. There should be other sources so that you should not feel demotivated.

Not Experimenting

Most of the bloggers are afraid of experimenting. They do not want to experiment with their blog. Actually biggest problem they face is the failure of experiment. Well it is obvious that if a thing is not working for you will have to throw that out. This is the only thing by which a blogger can discover new horizons. If you have not failed any ways you are not going to learn something new. So never stop experimenting with your blog. Mistakes

Not Promoting your blog

Now a blogger know how important the promotion is but most never ever cares to promote the blog. I have seen they are more curious to produce content and content and content. It is equally important for a blogger to  promote their content as well along with creation of the content. Share your content on all the social media platforms, newsletters, through Whatsapp. Mistakes

You should also build quality links for your website through various link building techniques. Here is a complete social bookmarking sites list 2016 and high PR profile creation sites list from where you can build back links for your site and rank it in search engines. Mistakes

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2 thoughts on “8 Mistakes that Every Blogger should avoid to get success!”

  1. Vy Tran says:

    Great tips, some of it seems pretty obvious until you realize that you’re not actually doing it. Great way to clean up what I’m working on

  2. Karthik Linga says:

    Wow great info !! I hope, still i am doing those mistakes in my blogging life. I bookmarked now, will use your every points to keep clean blogging too..

    Thanks for sharing ! Keep sharing !!

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