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Affiliate Marketing Tips for New Bloggers

For many people such as myself, Affiliate Marketing is how they make their money. But how do they do so? The answer is simple, blogs and marketing material. Before I go over tips for new bloggers in the affiliate marketing work I would like to review what Affiliate Marketing is. Affiliate Marketing is an advertisement where company’s such as Amazon, eBay, Ebates, Target, etc… pay commission to a third party for creating traffic to whom lead straight to the company’s site and make a purchase.

Tip Number One- Be Patient

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and effort to get enough money to even pay bills.  I’m sure you have heard great success stories about affiliate marketing and how people are making so much money. These stories may be true, but work and dedication have been put into their affiliate marketing sites. Believe me, like I’m talking about a year, year and a half kinda time. So, make sure you are prepared for the amount of time and effort that is being put into this before you make this a full-time job.

Tip Number Two- Stand Out

Blog one, blog two, blog three… blah blah blah nobody cares… Well, make them care. Suppose you’re just got a new camera that you would like to learn more about, capture this (see what I did there haha) you stroll upon two blogs about cameras. One says, “The Foundation of the Camera”, the other says “Ready Set Action: Learning Your Camera” Which one appeals more to you? Is it the ready set action one? If so an action word was created to grab your attention. Every time you write something, post something thinks about if you would click on that link because you and your customer think the same. How do I know that? Well otherwise you wouldn’t be writing about that particular blog and your reader wouldn’t be reading it. When you write your blogs think to yourself “Would I read this blog? Or “Will I gain anything from this blog”.  If you answer no, then you probably shouldn’t write it, because it won’t benefit anyone.

Tip number three- get social

Getting social is a big one, people are not just going to appear on your site/blog unless something is directing them to it. Promote your business by using social platforms such as personal Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Using your own social media will allow you to promote your site starting with all of your followers (if you’re just starting out your site). Once you get enough traffic on your site reading your blog, you can try starting a business account on social media. Your social media should resemble the blogs you already post every day but just on social media with many pictures (everyone loves pictures). These will allow you to separate your personal account from your business account. Once you have your own business account you can easily promote them with paid advertising. These social apps will allow more traffic to your site/blog allowing regulars to come back and visit your site and purchase something. Having regulars on your site looks great! That means you are doing something right!

Tip Number Four- Fake It Until You Make It

If you fake it until you make it nobody will know that you’re just starting out or not. Doing this may create an appearance that your site/blog is trustworthy. Now, this doesn’t mean create a false advertisement for your viewers. You still need to be 100% honest, you can accomplish this by creating the allusion that you have been doing this for years. Start by creating a review section for your visitors to comment in. Then have your friends and family comment about the products they have bought or used, when people see that it builds up the trust that your site/blog is legit and not a phony. Another thing you can do is make your site/blog look A+, nobody wants to buy from a site that looks sketchy.  Look at other bloggers and write down some of the best features on their site you would like to incorporate into yours. Don’t copy their site! Just use the sites for ideas.

Tip Number Five- Be Passionate About Your Products

Be passionate!! I love when consumers are passionate about their products. Being passionate creates a trust for your buyers/viewers. People feel safe using a product someone else highly is recommending. Why? Well, you wouldn’t want to buy a product you have no clue about and can’t find any positive reviews on. I’m not sure why but when bloggers are passionate about their product you can tell a mile away because their post feels so positive, unlike someone who just copies other reviews (to me their post are very bland with no energy or excitement).

Tip number six- engage with your customers

Engage with your customers, ask your customers what they want to read next. After all, they are the main reason you even write blogs. Personally, I feel that it is very engaging when a business uses social media or the end of their blogs to ask their views how they liked the blog or just posting silly facts/games and seeing how your viewers react. Based on these it is very easy to see what your viewers are into. Getting engaged with your customers isn’t hard, it just takes a little effort.

Tip number seven- be honest

Be honest, lying about a product has no good ending. Lying may work for a little bit but if you want a successful affiliate marketer you have to be honest. Customers don’t want to purchase an awful product especially if they did a little research on it right before. Lying to a customer and telling them that “this product is awesome” and “you love it” and “does everything in the world” is pretty much doing the opposite of affiliate marketing. Once people find out that your blog is a lie bad reviews can be rewritten everywhere preventing people from wanting to go to your site. Also depending on who you are an affiliate with, the company may band you from selling their products.

Tip Number Eight- Take Advantage of Your Affiliates Freebees

Take advantage of your affiliate freebees, what in the world does this mean? If you didn’t know already company’s want their third-party advertiser to do good because they make even more money from these sites. So, to encourage affiliate “employees” they have freebies. These freebies can consist of anything from half-price items to advertise, to free seminar to learn more about products and/or advertising. If you do not receive any emails about these kinds of promotions, email them to find out more. If they do not offer those kinds of things, ask them where you can find them.

If you are truly interested in becoming an Affiliate with a company, learning how to market their products is the first step. Affiliate marketing takes time, dedication, knowledge, and so much more. An affiliate can be rewarding on so many levels. For me, every view I receive on my site is a personal achievement that I dare myself to compete against. If you can take these steps that you just read and convert them over to work put on your site/blog you will be able to watch your online business become successful.

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