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7 Automation and Outsourcing Tools for Bloggers to get success in Blogging

Sometimes, it makes sense to be the one-man-army of your Blog! You will learn to manage different areas, to collaborate a bunch of different things and to bring desired results. Nevertheless, the one-man-army concept becomes impossible as your blog grows. For instance, you cannot focus on designing and coding sections at the same time. Similarly, you may not have enough time to write quality content for your blog. Tools for Bloggers

It’s in such situations that you need some useful automation and outsourcing tools. Using these tools, you can simplify the way your blog works. If you set up the right tools at right places, it is easy to move your blog forwards. Quite impressively, the blogger can contribute to the area of his/her own interest. In this article, we’ve a list of 7 Automation and Outsourcing Tools for Bloggers. You may not need all of these tools, but surely one of them would be useful.

tools for bloggers


Do you want to create stunning logos, web UI or other Graphic Designs for your blog? Then, 99designs is one of the best outsourcing tools for bloggers. It is not like hiring some freelance designers and finishing the work. On the other hand, 99designs offers a bunch of packages that are useful for bloggers. The process to use the platform is so simple. You can create one design brief, talk to experts and choose a package. Depending on the package, you will design a huge number of designing proposals. If there’s something impressive, you can pick and pay.


Fiverr is not just an outsourcing service. It’s actually a fully fledged-fledged platform where you can find professional gigs for fixed rates. Let that be about Digital Marketing, Writing or Programming, Fiverr will have some cool gigs to check out. In normal cases, Fiverr gigs are priced at $5. However, exceptionally, there are some expensive gigs. For instance, you can hardly get a programming-based gig for $5 or near. But, the working process of Fiverr is so simple and useful for bloggers. You can pick the freelance service provider from the huge list and pay for the work she/he does.


MeetEdgar is an impressive & one of the great automation tools for bloggers if they are into social media marketing. Don’t you spend hours in front of your PC to deal with social media profiles on a regular basis? With MeetEdgar, you can cut down that part. By connecting the social media profiles and creating a schedule, you can automate Social Media Updates. First, you need to add content you need to post and then create a schedule. It works fine with Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Pages and Facebook Profiles. It’s a premium automation service, but worth the effort.

Monitor Backlinks:

When you own a blog, Link Building is an important thing. You also need to know what your competitors are doing about keyword research and use. As you become busy, however, you cannot dedicate hours for Link analysis and observation. Monitor Backlinks is a cool solution that can automate Link Analysis in your blog. Once you have added your own blog and competitor blogs into the lists, you’ll receive regular updates regarding your links and their links. The best part is that you can find a bunch of SEO-based data — such as MozRank, Domain Authority, External Link Count, Backlink Status Checker etc — in one dashboard. So, We can consider Monitor Backlinks is also a great tools for bloggers which also helps you to rank higher in search engines.


Wishpond is an all-in-one solution tools for bloggers & you can say one of the great tools for bloggers, who need to create effective leads in their blog. It includes Landing Pages, Website Popups, Forms, Contests, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Lead Management and Lead Profiles. The best part is that you can manage all these sections from the unified dashboard of the service. You will find A/B Split Test and Responsiveness in the case of Landing Pages. At the very same time, Forms are crafted with perfection and ability to attract customers. In other words, Wishpond has everything you need for marketing needs. It’s a paid service, though you can book a free Demo to see it working.


In simpler words, iWriter is one of the main tools for bloggers where you can find quality content for blog. With experienced writers at its disposal, iWriter promises to deliver quality-rich content at the earliest. You can request the content and get a copy from a particular iWriter. You don’t have to pay a single penny unless you are completely satisfied with the service. Once you have paid, you can download the content and publish it right away. If you are a blogger who don’t like to write, it’s an impressive outsourcing platform for sure.


IFTTT is one of the popular tools for bloggers that brings digital automation into the field. And, quite thankfully, IFTTT has a few recipes for blogs as well. For instance, you can set some trigger-action combination regarding blog posts. Suppose when you are publishing a post on WordPress blog, the Facebook page should be automatically updated. Similarly, there are a lot of tools you can integrate with the blog you own. Considering these, it’s an awesome thing for almost all bloggers out there — given that you pick the right recipes.

So, these are the seven automation and outsourcing tools for Bloggers out there. As we said, depending on your expertise and requirement, you can pick the tool from the collection. When you do, try to get the best out of them. Do you use any other tools for blogging automation? Let us know through your comments.

                     7 Automation and Outsourcing Tools for Bloggers – Guest Post by Sumit

Sumit is the brand and community manager at EasyWaytoHosting – Web Hosting Blog. He loves sharing articles related technology and web hosting.

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4 thoughts on “7 Automation and Outsourcing Tools for Bloggers to get success in Blogging”

  1. Sona Mathews says:

    Automation is a good way and outsourcing your wok is definitely helpful if you are able to find professionals who can work for you. Your tips are good and sites are helpful.

  2. Lydia Brown says:

    I love automation. Anything that is simple to setup and use and saves me time I love to try. I forgot about IFTTT thanks for the reminder.

  3. Sathish Arumugam says:

    Automation is an excellent tool, and it will be helpful for us to find the right person. All your tips and details mentioned in this article are good to read and very informative. Personally, I love this automation very much because it will already use this setup and it saves my time a lot

  4. Anuradha Chawla says:

    Hey Pritam

    Blogging is a business, and unless we approach it as such, making growth might grow too slow. It is because like any real life business, for it grows it needs an investment of various kinds.

    Not ready to fund in their online business, tools that save time is a share of the reason I see so many people failed in internet marketing.

    These sets of individuals consider blogging has a hobby, though, for them, it is so. But for we, it is a serious business. This is why we need to invest in tools that save time and raise productivity.

    Thanks for sharing, nice collections.

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