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Backup your Blogspot Blog Website & Template.

Backup your Blogspot Blog Website & Template.

BlogSpot is one of the prime most free & brilliant running a blog platform for bloggers. Google has full manage of your blog. Google has the right to delete your blog at any point of time if you are using your blog for spamming or for any other activities which violates BlogSpot Content Policy. Backup


One thing which you can be performed aside from following BlogSpot tenet is taking a periodic back up of your BlogSpot blog internet site. this may ensure that if anything goes flawed together with your blog or in case you have finished any mistake together with your web publication in HTML file or somewhere else in future, you could always restoration your information and posts from your backup file.

How to take backup of BlogSpot blog:


Any BlogSpot blogger can take a complete back up of BlogSpot posts, comments by using export feature of BlogSpot blog.


Backup will be done in the format of .xml format, and you can store it on your local desktop or Laptop or any where you want.Depending upon how often you update your blog, you should take backup weekly or monthly.

A good idea is to take a backup of your blogSpot template also at regular interval.

How to take backup of BlogSpot blog Template:-


This will solve two major problem:

  • If your blog get deleted, you will have a complete back up of your theme.
  • If anytime, while playing with template code, you made some mistake, you can quickly restore the template from your backup files.

I also recommend you to keep the backup files either on Google drive or on Drop box, so you can access it from anywhere.

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