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Bandwidth Definition.What is Mean by Bandwidth.

Bandwidth Definition.What is Mean by Bandwidth.

Today we are discussing a on popular topic & that is also a question of many people. Some time when you are reading any topic on how to make a website or how to check website loading speed that time may be you have come across the term “BANDWIDTH”.Today we are discussing about “Bandwidth Definition”

Bandwidth Definition

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What is Bandwidth Defination?

Here is the simple Bandwidth definition. In computer technology Bandwidth means how many data can be transfer to your computer or mobile or tablet from a network or a website or a blog in a specific fixed time. In computer technology Bandwidth measures by BPS (Byte per Second). As an example let’s take a good internet connection may provide 25 Mbps of bandwidth via cable modem. That means data can be transfer to your computer by 25 Megabyte per Second.

Bandwidth is used to measure website speed. It is true that if your website or blog hosted with good bandwidth then your website loading speed will be high. But it does not measure how fast data can be transfer to one network to another. It always measure how much data can be transfer one location to another location in given specific time.

You can take am example that a pipe with water running through it continually & what makes the greater volume of water flow through the pipe?It is obviously that the wider the pipe, the greater volume of water can flow through it. This same rule applies to the bandwidth strength and the flow of the volume of data.

You can watch this awesome video that describes Bandwidth Definition perfectly.

The bandwidth is very important for Input/output devices. As we take a fast disk drive can be hampered by a low bus.

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