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Basic SEO Setting Blogger or Blogspot Website.

Learn Some Usefull notes of Basic SEO setting blogger or Blogspot Website.

For a blogger user, simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setting may be the essential job for becoming a successful blogger. SEO plays an essential role in deciding a blogger career. SEO is the backbone of a successful blog as well as website. SEO SETTING BLOGGER

By applying appropriate seo tips on blog it will eventually must rank higher in search engine results. The Most solid seo tips applied on your blog the more you will get higher result in every popular search. So today I made a tutorial for beginner bloggers to make their blogger blog SEO friendly by using these easy tips.


1. Default BlogSpot Template To Professional Template: (SEO setting blogger)

You are going to now not waste your valuable time in the event you’re still utilizing the specified default blogger theme. we’re overlooking default template because of a few causes. A web publication utilising default blogger default template won’t ever get higher rank in search engine as good as even have much less subscribers and visitors. No specialised design & seems to be dangerous. that is virtually little about building. A default blogger template is just not search engine optimisation friendly but not robots will not furnish you with loads in search results. Because we are already analyzed due to the fact that from few months that there is not any professional blogger which uses default blogger template. So then why are you presently waiting for >> simplest trade your blogger template & make certain it’s particularly friendly for every body search robots.

2. Custom Robots.txt file Setting in BlogSpot: (SEO setting blogger)

hat is frequently the most important job to function customized robots. txt file into blogger blog. by means of together with this file in blogger it’s going to deliver top notch exchange inside of your blog visitors. Most large capabilities by means of the usage of robot. txt report is it tell the quest engine how so that you can crawl the weblog. robot. txt file give instruction to everybody search engine crawlers and in reality inform them which part of your must be access for robots and which regions of your web publication have to be blocked ceaselessly from indexing. We might strongly advocated for any person who is still unaware the average components associated with robot. txt file the browse the below link:

3. Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in BlogSpot:(SEO setting blogger)

This is the other basic SEO strategies for all blogger users immediately after applying high quality template and robots.txt file in blog.

Robot header tags is an advance option came into being with brand new blogger software. Robot header tag words is also known as Search Preferences (SP). The (SP) contain several possibilities which stipulate different undertaking by permitting or disabling these kinds of options. It will eventually escape your blog from duplication data & blocked the labels and repository pages. To understand more about how to environment for personalized robots header tag words then abide by the underneath post.

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4. Meta Description to all Blog Posts in BlogSpot:(SEO setting blogger)

Blogger has following additional features included by Blogger Developers. The blogger is fully SEO friendly and robots friendly by including this Advance options (Meta Description).

It summarize blog or post page for robots that what about this page is?. Meta description work for blog home page. Below is the post where you will find how to insert Meta Description to website.

So these are the 4 basic tips for blogger users to make their blog SEO friendly and attract a lot of traffic. Now It’s your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comment box.

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