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Blogger or wordpress:-Choose the right blogging Platform.

Choose the right platform to start your blog: Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger or WordPress:-Previously we have mentioned best blog platforms to start a blog website & now we have all the options in front of us and it’s difficult to choose the one which helps you to start blogging & make you a successful blogger.

Blogger or wordpress

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Difference Blogger or WordPress (Self Hosted)

BlogSpot:  It’s free of cost. Domain name :-

WordPress (Self hosted): You have to buy domain name and hosting account.In case of your domain name will be

BlogSpot: 1 GB of free space & u can connect to u r google account for more space.

WordPress: Based on business requirements u can buy hosting, it varies from 30GB, 50GB, and 100GB or Unlimited space.

BlogSpot: Limited Design and customization

WordPress: Full Freedom to customize and there is a lot of designs to make your website unique & looking good.

BlogSpot: Plugins are not available and there is a limited gadget. Some spaces are reserved for adding elements in the sections.You have to spend a lot of time to add any new feature in blogger.

WordPress: Thousands of free & premium plugins are available and you can add whatever the feature you want in your website and really it makes your blogging life easy.

BlogSpot: It is more secured because it is under google control.

WordPress: You r responsible for whole maintenance work (security, backup and spam protection)     Personally I suggest u guys to go for WordPress if u r serious about you are blogging.

Finally,it is on you guys to choose WordPress or Blogger  to share your thoughts with the world.Remember blogger & wordpress both are very successfull blogging platform if you can use it correctly.

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