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Blogging Interview with Nikhil Founder of MyQuickIdea.

An Exclusive Blogging Interview with Nikhil Founder of MyQuickIdea.

I am feeling so happy to share with you that after my recent interview with Mr. Abhishek from RustyBlogger, now I have got a chance for a discussion with Popular Blogger – Nikhil Saini founder of MyQuickIdea.

So, today we have Nikhil with us. Nikhil is an Entrepreneur, Blogger & Internet Marketer from India. He runs a successful blog MyQuickIdea, which made him into one of the India’s most famous blogger. MyQuickIdea covers topics like Blogging Tips and Tricks, Money Making Guides, SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Lead Generation & Conversion & Digital Marketing

So let’s start the interview & we will try to learn something new from his blogging experience & how to get success in blogging to take blogging as a career.

Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea

Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea

Pritam:- Hello Nikhil. Most welcome to the I request you to please tell our readers about your childhood, growing up, and your family.

Nikhil:- Wow, the first time someone is asking about my family. Well, we have 6 members in my family including My Father, two sis, one brother, sister-in-law and me. I was having a dream of my own business since my childhood. Whenever I used to see businessperson running their own business, it thrilled me every time. I decided to start my own business. I just grow up as the ordinary children grow up. I had ambitions to be a rich personality. Throughout my schooling, I was an average student. There was an intense desire of running my own business was taking height day by day. I went to college after my schooling. There I spent one year peacefully. : P Then right from the second year, I started my first business. I was selling cold drinks to shops. I did it for two years. Then I bind up this business to study further and took admission into MCA. Here I spend one year and then started working on a computer repairing firm. After working for one year, I joined computer repairing course. I was making money out of it, but it wasn’t getting me fun that I feel in the blogging. Again left the course and joined an SEO company to earn a fixed income. I can’t reveal the reason I joined this job. It has some emotions attached to, so that it won’t be easy to me. So leave this part. I worked there along with the studies. Then, In 2015 January, I quit my job and started blogging. I was a content writer too so I can handle all the expenses as a freelancer. I bought a domain and hosting from Bluehost in may 2016. By the grace of good, it is running fine, and I’m making money out of it.

Pritam:- Please tell how you first got into blogging & describe your all types of blog.

Nikhil: I used to write on a website. My sole motive of blogging was its fun side. Writing about my interest topic always gets me satisfaction. I was doing it without getting paid for my work. I started reading some blogs and got to know about the game that was running online. People were making money, so I thought why I shouldn’t try this. What will happen max? I might have to face failures. That’s it. You can see now. Myquickidea is going to one year old on 11 May.

As per my knowledge, I don’t believe in the segmentation of blog because I do only believe in sharing knowledge and bring it to your audience. However, WE can divide it into three forms.

  1. Long Term Blogs: Long term blogs are those whose founders have some long-term goals. You can take the example of my blog- I am working on it to build a long-term business for me.
  2. Event Blogs: These are churn and burn blogs i.e. once the event passed away, the owner just leave out the blog. Never cares what was on it.
  3. Niche blogs: These are also churn and burn blogs because most bloggers use black hat or grey hat techniques to rank them. However, these blogs make them a huge profit.

Pritam:- What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?First, think about the benefit of others, they will naturally increase your business.

Nikhil: Long term relations give benefit in long run. You must have strong relationships with other bloggers. Go on their blogs and place meaningful comments. Follow them on social media. Email them about the collaboration that you want from them. Most of the times, you will get a positive response.

Pritam:- Get success in entrepreneurship is not a very easy job. What type of difficulties did you face to start your online career?

Nikhil:- you can have a lot of problems. I am still struggling to establish myself. First of all, the scarcity of money may put you down many times. So before starting a blog or starting your online career have enough money. If you have household responsibilities, then don’t leave your job for the sake of quick money. Blogging won’t give it to you until you make hard efforts for it.

Proper guidance is another big issue of online working. I would suggest you- don’t rely on anyone to have knowledge. You can take a suggestion from other experienced. As per my personal experience, people will only guide you when they see growing you. Make efforts even if you don’t have knowledge about the blogging.  No one takes birth with the skills. We have to acquire them along with the time.

Nothing can happen in a day. We all are learners. You should also learn and implement at the same time.

Pritam:- Please tell me about your proudest achievement?

Nikhil:- I’m making money online. It’s the most impressive achievement for me. The thing I wanted to do from years now happening into reality.

Pritam:- What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Nikhil:- It’s not just related to a moment. In the blogging, you have to face challenges each time. That varies from blogger to blogger and depends on your end goal. I would say traffic is the most challenging part what I encountered so far. If organic traffic isn’t coming to your blog, you have to rely on some other sources. I always recommend diversifying the traffic sources. Try to drive traffic from different sources. It will improve your visibility.

Pritam:- Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

Nikhil:- I am working on creating business via myquickidea. I am setting a goal each month and trying harder to achieve that.

Pritam:- A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. But it is always wrong. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Nikhil:- anyone can make money via a blog, but one need to find the right way to do so. Once you locate the working method, you can make huge money. Don’t take the top stair directly, sequential process work only in the long run.

If you get the company of people who are already making money through their blogs, it becomes easy to you doing the same. However, you have to do all the stuff at your side. Nobody is going to play your role.

Pritam:- What are the major ways you follow to earn money from your blog?

Nikhil:- I offer content writing, blog migration (from Blogspot to WordPress, free WordPress to a self-hosted blog), link building, and blog setup. I make money with these services. Along with it, sponsored posts, a little chunk of referral marketing make me money.

Pritam:- Recently I was discussing with a native of mine about blogging. And I am totally shocked after listening that “You are a blogger, but I know blogging is banned in India”. Most probably he does not know about blogging anything. But I want to ask you what you think about future of blogging in India?

Nikhil:- Blogging has ravishing future. It’s spreading the arms throughout India. We did a bloggers meet in the Jaipur and received considerable gathering. Earlier, many people have tried it, but it was hard to bring the bloggers at one stage in the area where a few individuals only having an interest in blogging. We made it possible and yes, I can say confidently that blogging has a lot more to do.

Pritam:- What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Nikhil: Nothing. If you enjoy what you do then everything goes well, even you face constant failures. With each failure, you learn something new that doesn’t work.

Pritam:-Your expert advice for our readers & newcomers.

Nikhil:- well, I’m not an expert, though, as per my experience, I want to say- read other blogs and implement the techniques. Do it as much as you can. You can learn only through the experiments.

Thanks Nikhil for this exclusive discussion with us and friends Hope you must have learned new things from Mr.Nikhil.Share your thoughts what you think about this interview & Nikhil.If you want to know anything about Nikhil then comment here.We will get back to you.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Interview with Nikhil Founder of MyQuickIdea.”

  1. Abhishek Jain says:

    This is again a very insightful conversation of yours Nikhil. Loved to read about your goals and aspirations again.
    Thanks Pritam for sharing this!

  2. ankit kumar says:

    Inspirational interview Really motivates for work hard.

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