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Bloglovin Follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones.

Bloglovin’ is a platform that allows users to read, organize, and discover their favorite blogs on mobile and desktop. It is a design-focused platform that aggregates feeds from sources with RSS feeds, allowing users to discover and organize content. As of April 2014, Bloglovin’ reaches over 16 million global users monthly. Bloglovin’ caters primarily to the “lifestyle” crowd.90% of Bloglovin’s users are female.

Sign up in bloglovin & make your profile & then search your blog by searching tab.Then your have to claim your blog.To claim your blog a description have to added in a new blog post.Description of blog post is mentioned below.You will get a link which you need to post as a new blog post.

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

All done.after succesfull claiming your blog you are all done.Now when you share or post any thing new in your blog.this post will automatically post in that website & so all the others members can follow you & read your post directly from that site.

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