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Checks duplicate content of Website Copyscape

Checks duplicate content of Website Copyscape.

Duplicate Content Search :- As we know that there are many bloggers or website developers are in the world who are working very hard for making good & original content for their readers or for website visitors.It is Also true that they want to make their presence in the world of Internet & also may want to earn some good amount of money from their website.Like wise we can take Mr.Amit from Digital Inspiration And we consider you as a very hardworking blogger with high expectations. If you found that someone is taking your content without your permission & posting your content in their website & also get some values without any hardworking. Today we will talking about an online tool or about a plagiarism checker which will check your website & find duplicate content published in any other website or not. That means you can easily find that someone is taking your content from your website without your permission or someone is stolen your content or not. It should be known to all that Google take copied content spam from any website very seriously but sometime search engine algorithm or Google may think copied content as original content and you can lose search engine results or ranking because of that copied content.There is an Online Plagiarism name CpyScape that can checks that your content is stolen or not & give you a list of website that contains duplicate content matching with your website blog.

Duplicate Content

Copyscape – A Duplicate Content Checker is offering now free and premium version for their Plagiarism Detection service. To start & find how CopyScape work you can try their free version and as per your requirement you can try their premium version any time.

See the awesome introduction video from CopyScape – A Duplicate Content Checker below.

Copyscape – A Duplicate Content Checker introduction Video.

To check copied content open CopyScape homepage in your web browser & paste a link of your website you want to check. Then click on go.

And then next page you can see result from page which has been copied posts from your blog website.At the time of writing this content I am not using CopyScape Premium version but I am using Copyscape free version to check my website been copied or not.You can defend your site by posting banner of CopyScape in your website also.

Duplicate Content

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Do let me know via comment here if you are using Copyscape to find your content copied or not or you are using any other online tool or software to do the same.

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