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CNAME record for any custom domain BlogSpot


Here you will learn how you can add CNAME record for any custom domain you have probably bought from any custom domain provider.

When you start a blog on, you usually get a domain name like ( and this is called as a free domain name. Where as custom domain name is like A good example is which is a custom domain name.

There are lots of benefits of using a custom name for your BlogSpot blog instead of free domain name. Now, set up the custom domain feature in BlogSpot is a bit of technical part, but with this post you will overcome all the difficulties of technical part. Here I’m sharing the complete guide which you can follow to add a BlogSpot custom domain to your BlogSpot blog. In this case, You have to purchase domain name from any domain provider like Go Daddy, and you have access to your BlogSpot blog.

If your domain is registered with a company other than Blogger, follow the instructions below to create a CNAME record. This process takes about max 20 hours for newly purchased-purchased domains.

CNAME Record

What a CNAME is

A Canonical Name record (abbreviated as CNAME record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain, the “canonical” domain. All information, including subdomains, IP addresses, etc., are defined by the canonical domain.

Create a CNAME record

Each hosting service has a slightly different way to create CNAME records. When in doubt, check with the particular company you’re using for additional instructions.

I am telling you complete guide how you can create CNAME record in Go

  • Log in to your account at
  • Open the Domains tab.
  • Select Domain you want to create CNAME record & click on Manage.
  • Click on” DNS Zone File” section.
CNAME Domain Zone Record

Add Zone Record


  • Fine CName (Alias) & click on Add Record.
  • Record type should be CNAME (Alias).
  • Put host name & points taken from blogger.

CNAME Domain Blogger

  • You need to make two CNAME alias

1st one Host name is www & Points is

2nd one Host name 4glqoowuxu3 & Points gvhjuhgjb787* (Like that)

CNAME domain


After that save the CNAME record you have created.

It’s all done. Now its your turn to Share it with your friends & comment is this use full to you or not. Till then Good bye. Happy Sharing Happy Blogging.

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