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How to come to the first page of google search result

Today I am going to write a very detail article on a topic that every blogger, webmaster & internet marketers love. Yes, How to come to the first page of google search result.You must know that if you are a blogger, website developer, Webmaster or Internet marketer then how it is important to come your website to the first page of google search. Google is the best search engine to search anything from the internet world & google is used by World Wide to search anything from whole internet world.

Google Search

So, now you can think that if you want to succeed in your blogging career then how important is to come first page of google search. Here is the secret revel what other professional successful bloggers do to come their website in the google search results first page.

Figuring out tips on how to get on the 1st page of Google search, may just suppose like a difficult and overwhelming job. Google makes use of many scripts and algorithms that are updated often to examine the order that websites are displayed in search outcome or search results.

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Here is the some simple steps to come your website in first page of not only google search but every search engine’s search result.You must know that other major search engines like Bing,Yandex is also doing major role to increase your website visitor.

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Always create Quality Articles to rank 1st in google search: –

The fine factor that you are able to do to expand your rankings with Google is to run a quality internet site. If you are not a code master then you can hire a good website designer to create your web page if you could and for those who are not able to pay money right now to hire a designer, Always be sure to at the least make your website like this that it looks modern. You also have to pay attention on the best of the text. Google likes to see plenty of text with correct grammar and spelling.

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Do not post Duplicate Content: –

It is the one of the main factor to come first on google search result. Google always try show results which is unique & original. If you post any duplicate content then that post or may be full website may vanish from google search result. So, always remember that google loves original & meaningful content. Meaningful content means –Like wise I can say that if you are posting an article on how to do blogging properly. Always post detailed article & add images, Snaps, Videos, Quotes which is related to the content. And when any one read that article, they will get complete information about How to do blogging properly.


Put Appropriate Snaps into your blog post:-

I just discussed about attach images into your blog post to value addition into that article. But one thing has to remember that you need to attach images related to that article only. I have seen many articles. And images also attached with that articles but images & article message is not matching at all. Google search not like this type of articles at all & will not show that articles on their search results.

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Use Proper Keywords:-

You can use google Keyword planner to find proper keyword for you article. Keyword is very important to come your article on google search result. But here also one thing u have to remember that you should not overload you article with keyword. Google can see this & dock your website.You can maintain a good ratio (1.5%) of keyword in your article. Also you can use Yoast SEO plugin to check keyword percentage in your article if you are in WordPress.

Buy a good domain name: –

Domain name is one of the factors that you must consider if you want your website come in the first page of google search result. Before selecting any domain name first decides which type of website you want to create. If you wants to make a website related to cricket, Football, tennis etc. Then you should try to choose a domain related to sports; Like / / etc. Try to keep your main keyword in your domain name. This trick is very useful for any search engine results.

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Use Header & Meta Description: –

I have already discussed above that when you are writing any article you should always maintain keyword percentage in your post. But putting keyword in article description which is called Meta description is very important. Always put your article keyword into the post Meta description. In your article you should always use header tags & always try to put your keyword in all the header tags you used in your article. Header tags mean H1 Tag, H2 Tag, H3 Tag etc.

Now you may understand that website is all about game of keyword. If you use proper keyword in the correct place with proper percentage then no one can stop you to be a successful blogger in this world. Except these some more tricks also available to rank your website higher in search engine search result. Come let’s discuss.

Create Quality Backlink to rank high in google search: –

Backlink is the also a main factor to increase page rank of your website & come first in major search engine search result. But first of all we need to know that what BACKLINKS is.

Let’s take Mr. Nikhil Saini from myquickidea has a blog with high page rank & he is mentioning my website (blog) link in his any article. Then my website will get link juice from that high page rank website and its help me to get high page rank in internet. The link he is mentioning in his post is called backlink. But we need to remember that link should be Do Follow link. We will discuss about Do Follow link & No Follow link in another post later.

Add Social Media buttons into your website: –

Social media’s like and shares are now rewarded these days with Google, especially with subjects that are currently relevant. This means that you should create social media accounts and try to build a base of followers who will like your pages and share them with friends. Remember: the trick is to not be spammy by google or any search engine!

Always try to active in the Online Community: –

Always be active in other online community. Try to solve other bloggers problems & as a ref you can use your website article link to show them how they can overcome problems. This will give you good numbers of visitors as well as good backlinks.You can join any other blogger’s community or you can join Quora. Another thing need to remember that google always love to see updated websites. Always post new contents & try maintaining your website updated.

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Learn to use recent internet trends: –

Always post article on what readers wants to know from you.Check out google trends to know what trending now in search engine.You should write articles on recent trends. That will add more benefits in your website.

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  1. Sidney Aldaine says:

    I find that what people tend to forget about the most are keywords. Me included. It helps search engines a great deal if they know how to find you.

  2. praneet thakur says:

    1st of all I want to say great post. The way you have just written & describe the article is simply amazing. I will try to do all the things you have written here for betterment of my online business & to continue growth of my blog. It’s really amazing. Thanks for sharing the great article.

  3. DENSHAILESH says:

    Thanks for sharing… I would try them out… not just for linking purpose, but also to get some amount of information and develop my knowledge from those blogs 🙂

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