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5 Common WordPress Theme Issues and How To Solve Them

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that is used by millions worldwide to manage blogs and websites. With such a diverse user base, they have to introduce different themes for specific needs and they did. Although, users can choose from hundreds of thousands of themes there are many issues that users face with WordPress themes that need to be resolved. This is where a web design company can help them. In this article, we look at some of the most common WordPress theme problems and tell you about their solutions. Read on and find out more.

1.Home Page Don’t Look Like the Demo

One common grudge from many WordPress theme buyers is that their home page does not look like the one shown in the demo. It is a common practice by WordPress developers to customize the theme so you might get a customized version of a home page shown in the demo. This issue also occurs when a web design theme does not require any page template, therefore; it uses a static homepage by default, which might not look like the one shown to you in the demo. You can resolve this problem by going to settings. Select reading and choose front-page display option to your latest post.

2.Stylesheet is missing

Congratulations, you have just purchased a WordPress theme, downloaded and installed it. Before you start celebrating, do check out whether the theme you have purchased contains the stylesheet or not. If you cannot find it, do not panic because you can easily fix this issue by locating the root theme folder. Open the folder, the theme might be in a subdirectory. Keep looking out as it might be in somewhere obvious. Once you find it, zip the folder and upload through WordPress or upload the unzipped folder through FTP.

3.Slider and Tabs Are Not Working

Have you bought a theme because of its excellent slider and tab design? But, what if you come to know that these sliders and tabs are not working properly. If you are livid with yourself, then do not be because you are not alone. Yes, many other theme buyers also face similar issues. The good thing is that you can easily overcome this issue by tweaking Javascript. Javascript and most WordPress themes use Javascript to control sliders and tabs. This might also happen due to a plugin conflict. Plugin conflict occurs when a plugin is not built according to your needs and is destroying the user experience on your WordPress theme.

4.Image Issues

You might have heard the common adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you want to see its application, then head to any popular website and blog. Your website or blog is incomplete without high-quality images. It adds a visual element that appeals to your audience. But, what if its images are either overstretched or contracted? What if images do not load properly or appear on your blog or website? These issues occur but you can easily fix them by downloading different plug-ins.

5.Changes Are Nullified After Theme Update

There are instances when you have made changes to your website and blog but they are not showing up. The easiest thing to do is to clear your browser cache as well as the plug-in cache. If that does not fix the issue then your manual changes to CSS files might be causing this problem. You can easily prevent this problem by keeping a log of changes you are making, using a custom CSS plug-in or by creating a child theme.

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  1. deepanshu says:

    Thank you very informative.I had a problem with 2nd one.
    I had no stylesheet..but thnx now i have

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