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How to Connect Your Everyday Life with Successful Blogging

The idea of having a blog can be quite interesting. Who wouldn’t love to boast about their blogging skills and growing subscribers in front of their friends? Your friends might have no clue how you take out all that time to blog about stuff that is very obvious, and people actually come to your blog to read that obvious things! But not every person understands what good and successful blogging is.

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How much time do you have for blogging?

When you start a blog, you may be too excited to post something every day. The zeal slightly starts to fade and you end up blogging once a week, then once a month, and before you know it, your last post on your blog was 5 months ago. Know your time limitations and work according to it. If you feel you can take out only few hours a week, aim for a single solid blog post. Don’t write filler write-ups that only carry fluff. People are investing their time on your blog, it’s better to give them something to read about once a week, than bland and boring stuff twice a week. Otherwise there is a high probability they won’t be returning next time.

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Is blogging connecting you to readers but disconnecting you from your family?

Family is important. It is the most important thing you need when you are at the lowest point of your emotional rollercoaster, and it is the only thing you think of when you want to celebrate an achievement. There has to be an equilibrium between your family life and blog. The readers of your blog have families too. Everyone knows how to set priorities, and if you are unable to prioritize your family and blogging work, you must first read a good blog post about setting priorities before starting a blog!

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Suppose, your readers are awaiting your next blog which is due tomorrow but your daughter’s recital comes up, or your son’s soccer practice, or your spouse is just having a bad day and he or she needs you to cheer them up. What do you do? You postpone your blog, do what is expected from you as a good family member, and then write a blog about that thing! Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Have an opinion, no matter how politically incorrect it is.

It is better to have an opinion that your readers don’t agree to, than to have nothing. There are chances you may offend some readers, and there is also some really high probability that some random visitors find your opinions interesting and want to stick around. You should be you – your likes and dislikes, beliefs, opinions – everything combines to form your personality. Don’t play safe by giving the readers safe content to read, instead, be yourself and this may attract more people than offend the existing ones.

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Write what you want to read.

Topics on parenting, budgeting and traveling may interest you. It may interest a lot other people who are your subscribers. On the other hand, blogging about gadgets may earn you more in the beginning, but it may not be a long-term blog. Before you know it, you may start losing passion in it. Write about things that interest you, only then you will know what to offer your readers. Blogging for the sake of earning money may earn you some bucks but before you know it, your blog would be a thing of the past.

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Pick your ideas and inspirations from around you

This point is a continuity of the previous one, but takes it up a notch. When you start picking up topics, ideas and inspirations from your everyday life, it gives a direction to your blog, becomes easier for you to write, and you find more interest in blogging. Instead of researching on your topic, the content flows through you onto the keyboard.

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Do not take online criticism offline.

While many visitors on your blog praise you, there are some who use harsh words to criticize a certain write-up. A good blogger takes the feedback, processes it, and works on it. If the criticism is logical, you would want to give it a thought. If it was only meant to discourage you, you respond to those comments and move on. One mistake that some bloggers do is to drag their online baggage to offline world. This means they are bringing in the negativity to their actual lives, and your family is effected by your low mood. You need to have a thick skin to let the negativity not bother you.

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Learn from fellow bloggers.

Your fellow bloggers are your community. Instead of looking at them as your competitors, learn from things they are doing good, and avoid repeating their mistakes. There are bloggers out there who blog for living, and many who take blogging as their part-time job. Check which zone you belong to. It is not justifiable to compare your earnings with a full-time blogger’s. But there may be many things that a certain blogger does that you could apply to your blog as well. Take inspiration (do not copy). It is also a good idea to give a fellow blogger credit for something you learnt from him or her.

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Blogging is a mean of earning as well as a hobby. It is a lifestyle. But you should know how to keep a balance between blogging and everyday life, and ideally use your everyday experience to get inspiration for your posts.

Written by @olympia_powell (Twitter ID). Writer at pinkelstar

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3 thoughts on “How to Connect Your Everyday Life with Successful Blogging”

  1. Jessica says:

    Great post – lots of ideas to get started with blogging. Mine is more there for helping others than myself really. But that’s why blogging is great!

    1. Olympia says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Actually I think that blogging nowadays is one of the most popular way to develop some kind of your business or other thing you do.
      Besides you connect with lots of people with the same interests.
      That’s great!

  2. Antony says:

    My compliment about this blog is exceptionally positive I visit this blog first time and inspire by this good stuff work.Thank you for the good tips that you have placed here. It was all useful and helpful stuffs.

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