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Contextual Text Advertising agency-Chitika online advertising network.

Contextual Text Advertising agency-Chitika online advertising network.

Today we are discussing also an important topic which is also a question of many blogger who actually wants to make money from their blogging. We all know that how tough is to get AdSense account approval from Google AdSense for your blog because of their highly strict policy. We have already discussed a good alternative of google AdSense. Now we are discussing also new & very effective google Adsense alternative Contextual text advertising network – Chitika – An Online advertising network. We have already discussed how you can make money from your blog & Contextual text advertising is very popular in online adverting network.

Contextual Text Advertising

As we mentioned above Chitika is a contextual ad network that means it shows ads relevant to the content of your site like Google AdSense. This is the most important thing to get more click & we know that more click means more earning. To get started with Chitika- An Online advertising network is very easy.You may get approval for a less traffic blog also.Once you have approved by Chitika, First thing you have to do is create ad zone and place the code in your blog. If you are not so technical guy how to put Chitika ads in your word press blog then you can use Chitika WordPress plugin to show ads on your word press blog website.Chitika is very good to offer various types of ads likewise mobile ads which are a major requirement of today’s online marketing strategy.

Read here Chitika WordPress Plugin Installation from Chitika guide.Read here How to install plugin in wordpress.

Watch video Where Art Meets Science.Contextual Text Advertising

Somethings to know about Chitika which is also questions of Contextual text advertisement publishers.

  • Chitika Offer you to take minimum Payout: $10 by PayPal (you must live in a country where PayPal is accepted, and your PayPal account must be verified).
  • As per last update of Chitika Policy Apr 14, 2015 01:41PM EDT they are unable to pay publishers via check, wire transfers, bank account deposits, gift cards, and other various methods.
  • You need to fill out your tax form to get payment from Chitika.
  • You need to reach the payment minimum payout in the previous month.
  • You need to verify your PayPal account and confirm it in our system.Some good features of Chitka- an Online Advertising network:
  • One more good thing about chitika which is done by most of the online advertising networks now a days that If you can not reach the payment min payout in a given month, then don’t worry about that! The money you earn in that particular month will be added to your next month earned revenue.

Some good features of Chitka- an Online Advertising network:-Contextual Text Advertising

  • Minimum payout is low.So you can see the face of your earned money soon after joining Chitika but it’s not possible in Google AdSense.
  • You can use chitika for all the types of niche.
  • Chitika is very good to offer various types of ads likewise mobile ads.

Something that may be need to improve by Chitika- Contextual Text Advertising.

  • PPC(Pay Per Click) is low compare to Google AdSense.

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