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Create account PayPal India -Complete Tutorial|Verify account PayPal India|Review

Create account PayPal India then verify account & review of PalPal India | Complete tuturial.

Create account PayPal – When you start your online career or an online entrepreneurship then its most the essential part that how you can accept payment from your customer for any services or you have sold any product. It is also true that you can always receive payment from any one via direct bank deposit. But this is not the right procedure because for this you have to give all your bank account details to each & every one your customer.You can also not able to generate invoice and send to them with your payment request mail. That can be done with PayPal.Create account PayPal- If you are Indian then you can create account PayPal India & this makes your online career easier. We have already discussed how PayPal works & what is benefits & security you will get will PayPal. Now we are discussing a how you can make a free account with PayPal & what the essential part you need to be done.Create account PayPal 

Create account PayPal

Step by Step create & verify PayPal account.

  • First of all you need to visit PayPal India home page by click here.
  • Click on Sign Up & you will redirect to the sign up page of PayPal India.
  • Then you need to select that what type of account you want to create.

There are two options –

  1. Individual Account – Shop, send and receive overseas payments. All you can do without sharing your financial information.
  2. Business Account – You can accept credit and debit cards, and send invoices to your overseas customers.

Create account PayPal

As a blogger I always suggest you to create an Individual account that can be upgrade to business account at any time from your PayPal account Dashboard.Create account PayPal 

  • After selecting Individual option click on Continue.
  • It will redirect to next page asking for Email Address & Pass Word.
  • Sign up by giving proper Email ID & Password.

After then you can enter your Credit/Debit card detail or you can skip it this step as of now.You can do this later to send Payment.By adding credit or debit card you send Payment to anyone, but you want to receive Payment from anyone then you need to complete below mentioned tasks.Create account PayPal 

Create account PayPal

  • You need add your PAN card details.Its Mandetory.
  • You need to confirm your Email Id (In the time of signing up, you will get an Email from PayPal to verify your account).Create account PayPal 
  • You need to add bank account details ( Paypal money cen be withdrawn to this bank)
  • Purpose code (From the long list, select the purpose on which you are receiving payment on your Paypal account)
  • By clicking in the link to the page you can see if any verification is pending for your account or not.

Add PAN details:-

It is very important to remember before adding PAN details; Your Pan Card name should be same as your PayPal account name. If you don’t have Pan Card, you can open a PayPal account in the name of your parents (Mother or Father).Create account PayPal 

Add Bank Details into PayPal.Create account PayPal 

Click on Add bank account and you will be redirect to the next page where you have to enter below mentioned details:

  • Your Name as per bank account.
  • Your Bank account details
  • Your bank IFSC code. (It is written on your Bank account pass book) or you can googling it with your full bank branch address to know IFSC code.Next step is to choose purpose code means for which purpose you want to use paypal by drop down menu.
  • All is done. Now you can use PayPal India to pay or receive payment online without sharing your bank account details to anyone.Create account PayPal 
  • After successful of adding bank accountl, Paypal will send you 2 small deposits in your bank account. After receiving the deposit, you need to login to your PayPal account, click on verify at top and enter the amount to complete verification of your Bank account and PayPal linking. PayPal will take 48 to 71 hours to deposit in the bank.Create account PayPal 

Next step is to choose purpose code means for which purpose you want to use paypal by drop down menu.All is done. Now you can use PayPal India to pay or receive payment online without sharing your bank account details to anyone.Create account PayPal 

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2 thoughts on “Create account PayPal India -Complete Tutorial|Verify account PayPal India|Review”

  1. Manish Jain says:

    You have mentioned bank bazaar to find all indian banks ifsc codes, but after visitng this website i found that all data on this site is still outdated i think no one is updating this site anymore.

    In other side i just googled for badhan bank all ifsc codes information and i found that is one of the best ifsc code provider, and also i found that it is updated too.

    1. Pritam says:

      Thanks Manish for your suggestion.We will update that link.

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