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How Digital Marketing Strategies Explode Your ROI in 2019

Every individual that makes an investment in an online business always think of increasing its return on investment as far as possible without wasting too many resources. A healthy ROI means your business is performing very well on all important  KPIs. On the other hand, a lower ROI indicates the flaws in your SEO campaigns.

Digital marketing professionals all over the world use different techniques to attract traffic to websites and generate sufficient sales. What you should do to increase the ROI of your web-based business by leaps and bounds and stay ahead in the competition? Let’s have a look at some effective tips detailed here below.

Optimize Your Website for All Major Search Engines

Tech-savvy people all around the world use different search engines to explore the desired stuff on the WWW. Because of ease of use and display the best results, most people use Google. So, Google dictates SEO rules and website creation norms. Most website owners are pleased with the feeling that their website is performing well in Google, so they must sit idle and kill time for nothing.

Website optimization for Google is getting tougher with each passing day. Because of frequent updates in Google’s algorithm, high competition in its SERP(for top results), too many submissions for the same keywords and search terms, novice, as well as, experienced SEO professionals find it an extremely herculean task to maintain the higher ranking of websites on Google. Fluctuations keep happening in website ranking or its web pages. Just one merciless Google update is sufficient enough to completely delete your existence from Google’s server and its SERP.

So, be prudent and don’t show too much affection for Google. Optimize your website for Google along with alternative search engines to get more clicks on your website from different parts of the world, compensate the loss in business caused by Google updates, and stay ahead of your competitors in the web-based business.

Always Optimise Your Website With A Mobile-first Approach

Now, mobile internet users have crossed the total number of desktop internet users. So, all websites must be responsive to different types of internet-enabled devices if they want to be ranked in the top search results of Google. A non-responsive website can’t be accessed on mobile devices. Google dislikes such website and downgrades their ranking. Ask your web developer to make your website responsive to all mobile devices. You can use AMP plugin to take your website to the mobile platform and generate sufficient business opportunities coming from small screens. Keep the content length short and straightforward so that it may get displayed on different mobile devices.

Personalized Content Marketing

The ultimate success in a web-based business comes when you publish unique and SEO optimized content on your website/blog to educate customers about your brand, products, and services and encourage them for actions. The WWW is full of lots of content, but only a few websites or web pages meet the actual needs of the targeted audience.

So, create unique and information-rich content and optimize it for different search engines and users. Apply A/B testing process while performing content marketing for your brand. If this happens, then search engine bots will visit your website frequently and display it or its page in their search results, enabling you to get more traffic and business opportunities every day.

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

When you tend to generate more traffic and business opportunities for your brand, then email marketing is undoubtedly an effective tool.  Tech savvy individuals love reading important emails that give some great value to them in terms of knowledge, more information about products and services, reminders of incomplete shopping carts, birthday/anniversary notifications, premium ads, etc.

 So, conduct extensive research to know the interests of your audience and create personalized newsletters for them. Glamorize your newsletters by adding hyperlinks, using images, video links etc, and ensure that it doesn’t land in the spam list of email service providers.

Once you have newsletters, start sending it to subscribers at the right time and with proper strategy. Successful email marketing campaigns help you to get multiple business opportunities and increase your ROI by leaps and bounds.

Business Generation Through Social Media Websites

Generally, people use social media websites to communicate with each other, exchange image, audio and video files and stay in touch with relatives that are living away from them. Today’s internet users have profiles on different social media websites. They use their account from morning to evening. And the good thing is that the number of social media users are increasing with every passing day.

Business organizations can advertise their products, services, and brand on different social media websites to reach out the targeted audience and generate leads and sales up to a great extent. They can also run premium ads on social media websites to help their brand to appear in the top search results of social sites and generate more sales. One important way to increase your interaction with the targeted audience is to conduct live chat sessions on different social media websites, take questions from fans & followers and answer them on the spot. This will help users to solve their problem and make transactions one after another.

Generate More Business Through Video Content Marketing

These days, due to a number of reasons, a good number of people love to watch videos rather than going through monotonous text content. The main reason why people prefer video content is that they easily understand the main business message of companies and make transactions easily and quickly.

So you need to record informative videos for your brand and promote it on the different web platform. This will help you to increase traffic to your website and generate more leads every time. If you are not able to create videos yourself, then take the help of video content marketing professionals.

Final Thoughts

Every online business owner wants the maximum return on investment. For this, it takes a number of steps which brings mixed results. If you want to increase the return on investment for your brand in 2019, then use these recommendations. These tips are free of cost and help you get more business opportunities with little effort and investment. Good luck!

 Author Bio:

Jason Daszkewicz is a professional web developer, a blogger by hobby. Presently he works for Wordsuccor Ltd., a WordPress Website Development Company with a global reach. He is passionate about sharing ideas and thoughts related to Online Business. If you need to hire WordPress Developer you can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Hi Pritam,

    Optimization is the key to rank higher in SERP. Personalization plays an important role in building trust. Both are the important part of a digital marketing strategy.

    When you work on improving ROI, you should focus on understanding buyer personas. Understand the psychology of conversion and then do everything to make things work for you.

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    Hi, It’s very interesting

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