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Blogging-Some Points you should not do when you are Blogging.

Some Points you should not do in Blogging.

Are you might be blogger?  regardless of if you’re a novice or a official blogger, this matter is all for many who are blogging. many of the bloggers think that simply writing a some content material and posting on their blog will get them a huge visitors & Success. this isn’t working is real genuinely.


Today I am going to telling you Some points you should not do in blogging Blogging.


Don’t Be a lazy Blogger

the very first thing that a blogger thinks that simply by using sharing their web publication link will do all the work for them. that is improper. simply by using sharing one blog link best 5-10 people could visit it for that point only.

In blogging the more you share you link the more you will get traffic. First of all submit your blog/websitelink here. Then Share your article link not the website link on social network such as Facebook and twitter.

Don’t Write Long Content

until it’s an academic don’t write lengthy content material article to your website/weblog. Having stated so, we know that there’s a term referred to as jump fee that every blogger must preserve in intellect even as managing their visitors from the secure supply similar to google and other search engines like yahoo.

Don’t Get into Bad Back-linking

Back-linking is likely one of the methods to increase your website traffic and to broaden your website ranking in google and different rating serps. however Get a single dangerous back-link will get you’re rating down and will impact your search engine rank too. dangerous back-link is nothing but website which have low search engine rank as good as low internet site rank.

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