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Easy methods to Disable Right Click & Select Text on WordPress.

Here I’m discussing about few plug and play WordPress plugin. While you set up and set off this plugin, clear your cache and you’ll see you can’t select text & also cannot right click to your web site.If you have not install this type of copyright protect plugin in your wordpress website,then you can use different online tools to check any one is staeling your content or not.Also you can DMCA complain to remove copied content from their website. Disable Right Click

Disable Right Click

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This plugin doesn’t include any configuration panel and its easy install and spark off and plugin will work on your website online. Although I advise to use this plugin if you want to disable right click or want to block select text in your website. Disable Right Click

Benefits you are getting with Disable Right Click Plugin:-

  • Disables text selection and browser copy functions.
  • Disables text and image saving on PC and mobile devices.
  • Disables keyboard short cut (CTRL A, C, X, U, P and S).
  • Disables f-key command for accessing developer tools
  • The image link URL is automatically removed and defaulted to the ‘none’ setting (basic image protection)
  • No configuration, customization or coding needed.

As one can find, this plugin does so much and must avoid me from simply stealing content. After putting in and activating the plugin, I visited the front web page of the trying out website and discovered all of the usual suspects were disabled. I couldn’t correct-click on to view the page source or straight download a photo. Disable Right Click

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