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Economically Most Effective President of the USA

People tend to judge about government and its activity based on the results of its activity. It’s not only important to see the improvements in the country but compare them with the previous years. Here is a list of presidents whose economic contribution was the most visible and effective. Each of them went through different times. Some of the best USA presidents used to run the country in the difficult time. Some of them created such times.

Still, it’s important to estimate the reality objectively. The personal attitude to the certain candidacy doesn’t matter. There are only exact facts and numbers to consider. Fortunately, modern technologies and available information allow doing it.

Mistakes go along with every government representative. Still, Mister President should not only brainstorm possible ways of improvement but also consider the mistakes of his forerunners. History has a tendency to be repetitive. Sometimes, wise lies in looking back to see whether anybody has already done this mistake before.

Experts judge president’s activity according to main economic indicators: unemployment, inflation, GDP change, the budget deficit. These four indicators make up economic performance index that is so important speaking of the federal operation.

For instance, EPI score of Ronald Reagan is the highest one – 15.1. He is economically most powerful president of the USA. The economic progress was impressive – the growth of GDP drew up 26% in 1981-1989, unemployment rates fell from 7.1% in 1980 to 5.4% in 1988. His government reduced taxes – their maximum level fell from 70% in 1981 to 28% in 1986. This is the tiniest part of the leader’s achievements.

Looking at the work history of each president, we can see both rises and falls. Still, every USA citizen wants to see the positive tendencies in the development of the country. Additionally, everybody hopes for a better.

So, what place in this list would our current president occupy? Only time will show.

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