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Embed Twitter-Hosted Videos On Your WordPress Blog Website

Today I am going to introduce a very interesting process about how you can embed an original tweet or video tweet in your wordpress website.I got lots of email & facebook messages regarding this,so i decided to post an article about this process.By this article every one who wants to know how to embed tweet or video hosted in twitter in your blog,gets benifitted.

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Embed Twitter Videos On Your WordPress Blog Website

Embed Twitter video

Following alongside the equal traces as Facebook, Twitter just lately announced a video-hosting characteristic that allows you to capture and upload videos making use of legit Twitter apps with no need to upload them first on YouTube & then embed into your blog. This was indeed a welcome function, and in sharp distinction to how Twitter had been predominantly text-centered and monotonous in the past. However, as with every video-website hosting service, you want an approach to share that video somewhere else on the net.

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For a video-internet hosting service, being able to embed movies is really soo important. If your movies cannot be delivered elsewhere, what is the factor? Now not everyone makes use of Twitter to notice new content. Twitter’s video-sharing lacked the embed feature for movies hosted on Twitter. You might embed general Tweets, but now not Tweets with videos.

Except now, that is.

Twitter has simply introduced a brand new embedded video widget, which works just like Twitter’s authentic Tweet buttons and embedded tweets.

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Embedding a video is as simple as clicking on the ‘•••’ button within the tweet and selecting ‘Embed Video’, as pictured in the picture below.


Twitter will then render a piece of HTML code for you to replica and paste for your website. Furthermore to the video itself, the video widget can even display the entire, common tweet.

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If your internet site is built on WordPress, and you’re watching for a more intuitive way to embed video tweets into your posts, there’s a different choice for you.

Twitter recently got here out with its possess WordPress plugin that, among other aspects, involves the capability to embed video tweets conveniently by means of pasting a hyperlink to the tweet within the content material editor. This works with another video-internet hosting systems as well, including Vimeo and YouTube.

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WordPress has lengthy had the capacity to embed usual tweets just through pasting a link, and with the authentic plugin that you would be able to prolong that functionality to video tweets.

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