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Exclusive Interview with Jyoti Chauhan Founder of Updateland

Today we have Jyoti Mam (Jyoti Chauhan) with us  founder of most popular website Updateland. Jyoti Chauhan is a Blogger & Entrepreneur from India.


I always beleive that

“When A Women Succeed, We all Win.”

And Miss Jyoti can be a real example of this quote & my belief. Miss Jyoti runs a very successful blog Updateland, which made her into one of the India’s famous blogger. UpdateLand focuses on search engine optimization tips, SEO sites list, how to earn money online and how to get traffic to your blog and your website, etc. So let’s learn something new from her experience & Start the interview.

Pritam: – Welcome to the Can you please tell our readers about your childhood, growing up, and your family. Have you any background of blogging or internet marketing?

Jyoti: –  Hello Pritam, How are you doing? Thanks for giving me this honor and opportunity to share my blogging journey with your audience. Yes, Sure I will be happy to share about my childhood, growing up and my family.

When I was 1.5 years old, my Masi (sister of mother) took to me with her at my Nanu and Nani home which is located in a small village known as Alamnager. I grew up with my Nanu and Nani. They loved me more than My Mother and father. I call them Mother and father since I grew up to know that they are my mother and father.

In childhood, I was a girl who doesn’t love to stay in school after launch, so I mostly pretend I have pain and anything which I think it will work to go out from school.

But seeing everyday activities, one day my teacher gave me a punishment and after that I become a good student.

Till 7th class, I am an average student. At the end of 7th class, my class teacher announced result in the school assembly field where all students and teachers were collected. I achieved 3rd rank in my class, but I am not happy with this since everyone is clapping for that girl who got first rank.

That time, I thought if I do some more hard work, I can achieve first rank. And it changed my complete life. After 7th class, I topped my school and college every time till that when I didn’t join blogging. 😛

I have a lovely family. We have 11 members in my family, my mother, father, grandmother, uncle, four sister and two brothers and me. I love to do fun with my siblings as everyone do. But I have small time to spend with them as I live in Delhi far from home for my study and blogging.

No, I don’t have anyone from blogging or marketing backgrounds. But my father is a business person, and I saw him doing struggle which makes me strong and gives me the energy to do more hard work day by day.

Pritam: -Describe how did you first get into blogging?

Jyoti: – When I created my first blog at Blogspot, it is just for a single purpose to get all link building resources at one place since that time I am doing job in a company as an SEO Executive, and I have been totally irritated doing the same task every day.

I must say I was planning to change my job, so I created a blog for myself, so I could access all those link building resources later from anywhere if I leave my current company. Those I mainly used for creating back links

But as I don’t know more about blog or blogging at that time, it is just a place for me to keep all data in one place. After some time, people started to comment my blogs and requested to share more stuff about SEO and link building.

At people’s request, I started to write other articles. But that time, I was not in contact of any one blogger since I don’t know about blogging or blogger more and worst the thing is that I never searched till that time.

After some time, I quit my job and start working as a freelancer at Upwork. I started earning real money. I was happy with my decision of quitting the job.

Somehow, I came in contact of Jitendra Vaswani, and he told me that You can earn good money from your blog, but you need some improvements in your blog like migrate this to WP, use good theme and hosting.

But still, I didn’t take any decision since that time; I thought I earn $550 – $700, and it’s enough. I earn good money then why I need to spend time on blog.I was stupid that time; I have no idea that I can earn passive income with my skills.One day, I got an email from a client, and he offered me $35 to publish a review. It is really cool for me that time.

I thought if I can earn $35 spending very little time on my blog, I can earn a passive income doing full-time blogging.

And how did I join blogging and I become a blogger. And it changed my life completely. I love blogging; it gives me special feel every minute.

Pritam: – Share some details about the investments that you have been able to fetch for the business till now.

Jyoti: – I have invested some money in building some long-term websites. I am happy most of the sites are getting massive traffic. And rest of money, I gave to my Mother and father, they do what they want. I love to give them huge money.

Pritam: -What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Jyoti: – I love to make a connection with other bloggers in my niche. It doesn’t matter for me they are the newbie or Pro. I believe long time or never-ending relationship. If you are serious about your blogging career, then the relationship is first thing at which you should work.

Many times, your connection sent you clients. Is it not cool?

Pritam: -Get success in entrepreneurship is not a very easy job. How you handle stress & Pressure?

Jyoti: – Getting success is not easy in anything. But it is not impossible once you decide you have to do it. Up and downs come in every one life whether he is entrepreneur or employee. I am a positive thinker, and it helps me to fight with bad times and work on my goals.

Pritam: – Please tell me about your proudest achievement?

Jyoti: – Being a successful entrepreneur for a girl or boy is the proudest achievement. When I see my father and Mother‘s face with a proud feeling. It is always the proudest achievement for me.

Pritam: – What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Jyoti: – There was a time when I didn’t make good money until 3 -4 months which I didn’t expect at all. But I didn’t lose hope. I think it is the most challenging moment for me in blogging so far. Since I noticed many newbie bloggers lose hope and leave blogging in such situation.

Pritam: – What are your plans for next coming years?

Jyoti: – As I told you in previous answers, I have built some sites; I want to make them top websites on the internet in coming years.

Pritam: – How much time do you spend blogging?

Jyoti: – I spend how much I can. I enjoy it.

Pritam: -What you do to increase page rank & what link building strategies do you focus on? 

Jyoti: – As PR has been officially dead now. So I mainly focus on increasing my blog traffic, domain authority and building trust with my blog audience. For making the connection, I guide newbies, if they are doing wrong and help them if they need.

Most used link building strategies are Blog commenting and guest posting. Both strategies not only help in making links but also helps in building connect with blog owner as well as blog audience.

Pritam: – What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Jyoti: – I enjoy every moment of blogging since I love it a lot. Yes, sometimes I face some frustrating moments, but when you have some best buddies in blogging, they make most frustrating moment also enjoyable for you. I am lucky I have good friends in blogging.

Pritam: – Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Jyoti: – When I was an 8th class student, My English teacher said to me Always superior and be shine.” It inspires me most.

Pritam: -Your expert advice for our readers & newcomers.

Jyoti: – I have made lots of mistakes when I was a newbie like writing XYZ means writing a good topic but without doing proper keyword research and poor optimization.

That’s why I didn’t get good traffic in starting days. So I will advise you don’t make these mistakes what I have done.

First, do proper research, not about keywords but also about chances getting rank on the first page, if there is no chance, avoid this topic and find another.

One advice for beginners is, choose niche wisely means only go for that niche in which you have real knowledge. Earning is in every niche.

Believe in yourself and think positive J don’t lose hope. Up and down always comes in business.

From Author: – Hopefully You enjoyed this interview with Nirmala & learn some basic things about blogging. A big thanks again to Jyoti Mam for accepting my interview invitation at my blog. Don’t forget to Share this with your friends and followers at Social Media.

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