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Free Backlink checker tool to check backlinks.

I have already written many articles on SEO guide. There are many things you need to consider to do proper SEO. There are two types SEO you need to do properly. Backlink Checker Tool

  1. On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.

We have already discussed on page SEO & how you can do On-Page SEO properly. In the topic off page SEO “Backlinks” are the most important topics. Some say that backlinks are no longer powerful in SEO & to get higher rank in google. But as per my view, Backlinks are not dead yet. Only high power backlinks have the only power to rank high in search engines result. There are many ways you can generate high-quality backlinks. We will discuss how to generate high-quality backlinks in the next post. But here I want to share with you the most important fact which needs to consider during generating backlinks for your blog.

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  • Do not use any Blackhat SEO tool to generate backlinks. (There are many online tools available by which you can increase thousands of backlinks within some days. And within some days your blog will come in the 1st position of Google search. But Google also has a strong algorithm. They will easily understand that you are spamming to generate backlinks. Soon your blog will disqualify from google search. )

Note: – Black Hat SEO tools are good to do Event blogging. Where your blog needs to come in the 1st page of Google only for 2 or 3 days. We will discuss event blogging at a later stage.

  • In the case of Backlinks – Quality of backlinks is a matter over quantity of backlinks. (If you have 100 low-quality backlinks & someone have only 30 to 40 high-quality backlinks. 40 high-quality backlinks will increase page rank more than 100 low-quality backlinks.)

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What are Backlinks:-

Backlinks are those inbound links that link to your website from other websites. Suppose “Mr. A”has written a good detailed article on SEO & “Mr.B” also written an article on SEO. And to describe the things properly “Mr.B” suggests his reader read “Mr.A” article also for better understanding. So “Mr.B” put your article link in his blog post as a suggestion list. Through this process, “Mr.A” will get a backlink from “Mr.B” website.

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There are 2 types of backlinks:-

Do Follow Backlinks: –

When Google bots are crawling websites they look for external links point to other websites. If the links are “do follow” then search engines will follow the link and so link juice gets passed.

<a href= rel=”dofollow”> BlogMean </a>

<a href= rel=”external”> BlogMean </a>

Here rel=”dofollow” & rel=”external” is the code that indicates the links to follow. Even if you do not use rel attribute then also links are treated as do follow links by google bots.

No, Follow Backlinks: –

When Google bots are crawling your website, If they found no follow attribute in the links then they treated that link as a No Follow link. They ignore the link & no link juice passes. No, follow links are not able to increase your page rank but can give traffic to your blog.

<a href= rel=”nofollow”> BlogMean </a>

So from this above discussion, we came to know the meaning of Do Follow Links & No Follow links. We need to remember if we need to increase page rank of our blog the only Do Follow links are useful.So, To make high-quality backlinks you need backlink checker tools which will help you to reach your goal.

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So here is the list of free & premium backlink checker tools:-

Bing Webmasters Tools:-

As a blogger, we all know bing webmaster tools from the search giant Yahoo. Yahoo already launch tool for checking backlinks. For this, we need to submit our blog in bing websmaster tool & need authenticate/verify your blog with Bing webmaster tools. After that, you will find the option to check backlinks in bing webmaster tools dashboard.


Alexa is a tool from amazon. It is really a good online tool to understand your website health. Alexa is available in free & premium basis. To check your traffic details, bounce rate, visitors coming from which places. All the things you can get from alexa. For this, you just need to sign up with alexa & submit your blog website. Alexa will check your website status & show you the result. You can find no of backlinks available in your blog in free alexa account. If you need to see all the backlinks then you need to upgrade your account into a premium mode.

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Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an online tool to find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other with the largest Link Intelligence database on the planet.

Check out their introduction video here.


AHrefs is a very good online tool for backlink checker. It is actually a paid backlink checker tool. You can also make a free account with Ahrefs to get complete backlink analysis with anchor text analysis. This is really great tools which shows you how exactly your backlinks are increasing or decreasing.

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SEMRUSH is really a great SEO tool for all the bloggers & its database updates daily basis. Its allow you to check your backlink status accurately. Although it is not a free tool but you can try it for free for trail purpose. If you find this tool great as per your requirements then you can purchase this tool to continue your blog growth.

Check out their introduction video here.

Open Link Profiler – A Backlink Checker Tool:-

It is another great tool & the best part is that it is completely free & allows you to check the newest backlinks for any blog or website. You can also export backlinks in .csv format 1000 backlinks & can use to generate backlinks for your websites.

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BuzzSumo – A Backlink Checker Tool:-

Introduction to Buzzsumo and the benefits the tool provides to content marketers. The brief demo covers how to find popular content, how to filter content and how to find key influencers that amplify content. It is basically a free tool but it has a pro version also. In pro version, you can check backlinks to your individual pages & your domain.

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Backlink watch:-

Backlinkwatch is also a good backlink checker tool. It is simple & cost-effective tools which allow you to check 1000 for any domain with Competitor’s URL, Anchor Text, Page Rank, Outbound Links (OBL), Flag (no follow).

W3tool’s Backlink Checker:

The main advantage of W3tools backlink checker tool is – it allows you to check backlinks for 10 domains in one go. It provides you the number of backlinks your blog has got in Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and the entire web. Suppose you have a blog network and want to check backlinks of all blogs together then W3tool Backlink Checker tool will defiantly benefited for you.

Link Diagnosis – A Backlink Checker Tool:

Link Diagnosis is also a great tool which provides you very different options while checking backlinks for your blog or website. If you need detailed report or optimized, if you want to check backlink for single page or whole website, different kind of outputs and more. For these online tools you must remember one thing that Link Diagnosis works best with Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.

The detailed report you get will enable you to get all the unique backlinks along with the most popular anchor text details & Page ranks for the entire backlinks list.

Analyze Backlink – A Backlink Checker Tool:

Analyze backlinks have a good-looking homepage by which you can check back links of blogs. Apart from just entering the website URL it has some another value added services. This online tool gives you different options like don’t repeat backlinks from same domain, Show links only from homepage, Anchor Text, Total Links, Outbound Links and more. You can choose for any option according to your requirement.

SEO Spy Glass – A Backlink Checker Tool:

SEO Tools from SEO Spy glass give your website the optimal advantage to outrank the competition on search engines. It concentrates more on the quality of the backlinks than on the quantities.

Here is the video to learn how it works:-

Open Site Explorer – A Backlink Checker Tool:

Open Site Explorer is a favorite online tool for maximum bloggers. If you need to compare backlinks between two or more domains, Open Site Explorer is best trying. This tool works like awesome when you have a paid account of SEOMOZ.You can start with free version to get you started checking the backlinks of your site and the sites of your competitors.

Here I have tried to make a list of all good backlink checker tools which help all bloggers to check & create backlinks which is very important to rank high in search engines. Let me know which backlink checker tool you are using for your blog or website. If you really find this article good for you then it may help many newbie bloggers. So please using below mentioned buttons to share this article into different social media.

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