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Free BrokenLinks (404 Error) Checker Websites

BrokenLinks Checker

Today we will discuss about how to check Broken Link or Bad links.
Broken links are dead-links which are not good for search engine and also for your readers. Today, I will be sharing some free 404 link checker tools which will help you to detect 404 and dead links on your blog.

We should regularly check and fix 404 links or BrokenLinks:

Broken links are those links which gives status code 404 . Usually, when a webmaster decides to change permalink and also removes the page it gives 404 status code. Such links are call as broken links and they are not useful for search engine and also for readers.

Free Brokenlinks checker is helpful in checking broken internal and external links within your blog. You can also check the validity of your links on any web page on internet. With URL links it checks image links also

BrokenLinks Checker

These free online link checker tools will check your sites for any broken links. These means, it could be internal broken link or could be external broken links. Specially, if you have huge blog, your old posts may have too many dead links.
Search engines bots hates broken links, which can result in low ranks in search engines and less traffic to your blog.

Once you detected broken links of your blog, you can manage those broken links with redirection plugin.
creatingonline is one good BrokenLinks checker which provides you total good & bad links list to you. You can easily understand which link is good or which links are bad or Not working.

BrokenLinks Checker

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