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6 Ways to Get Paid Apps for Free to Download in Android Phone

Welcome to BlogMean. If you are searching for how to get paid apps for free for your android smartphone then you are in the right place. Today at BlogMean we are discussing about how to get paid apps for free in our android phone. We all most all android smartphone users are downloading apps from Google Play Store as per our requirements.

Before proceeding you may interested to know that Google Play Store officially launched by Google on March 6 2012 & According to AppBrain Stats, there are over 1,400,000 applications available as of November 2014, of which over 1,200,000 are free and over 200,000 are paid & developers from 61 countries were able to distribute paid applications on Google Play. So from this you can easily understand you can find as many as android applications from Google Play but some applications you can get in free of cost as well as for some Google play applications you have to pay money for download & use. So, Here we are starting How to get those paid apps for free to use in your smart phone.

Let’s get started.

The truth behind downloading premium apps for free from Google Play store is impossible. But there are many third party applications by which you can download premium android apps in your mobile & use it freely without any hesitation.

Blackmart Alpha to Get Paid Apps for Free:-

You can say Blackmart Alpha is a king of android market alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with Android operating system. From Blackmart you can download many applications by choosing the right app as per your requirements. Also you can sort the apps in the sense of free or paid. You can download apps from Blackmart without any kind of registration & Google account.

Method of downloading apps from Blackmart Alpha:-

  • First of all you search in Google for latest blackmart alpha.apk app file & download BlackMart Alpha.
  • Now Install the app on your Android Smartphone properly.
  • Then, Open Blackmart app which you have just downloaded and in the search box search the name of that app you wants to download.
  • You can now see the progress bar of downloading.
  • After full download & installation, you may see your Paid Apps running successfully on your android smartphone for free.

Note:- Before downloading any app, check you have enough memory in your android mobile to install the new app. Otherwise it may show error.

You can also read detailed article on get android paid apps for free here.

1MobileMarket to Get Paid Apps for Free:-

1MobileMarket is another great platform to download paid apps for free in your android mobile phone. You can easily browse & download all types of favourite android apps or games from this market place. There aim is to give every Android user free, fast and reliable downloading. It has a huge collections of apps to download.

As of October 2016 it has approx.

  • 1.6 million apps and games.
  • 3.1 million wallpapers.
  • 0.6 million photos are shared by users.

You can easily try this app if you wants some amazing paid apps for free to use.

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Mobogenie Market to Get Paid Apps for Free :-

Mobogenie is another but quite similar platform of 1MobileMarket place. It offers applications for the Android platforms and mobile device management applications for PC. Mobogenie has offices in Silicon Valley, Latin America, Asia and Middle East. You can easily download Mobogenie app from their official website.

Just go to & download the application for android device as well as you can download for your PC.

By using this apps not only you get the paid apps for free but also you are able to get paid eBooks for free, Paid Movies for Free, Paid songs for free & also you can download YouTube videos in your mobile phone for free.

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Amazon Underground Service:-

Amazon Underground is another best way to get paid versions of games & apps totally for free. Amazon regularly partner up with the app developers. The developer are getting their payment for their apps, while the customer is able to get the Full-Version for free. You can get thousands of free versions of android applications and android games that normally cost money to download and play (including unlimited, free in-app items).

Amazon Underground has a new monetization method where Amazon pays their apps developers based on the amount of time the app is used by its user. In this way it is win-win for the both user & app developers. You can simply download this app from the below mentioned URL. Just copy paste this link in your browser & download the app in your device.

GetAPK to Get Paid Apps for Free:-

Yet another awesome android apps marketplace for download android application for both (free & paid ). By using this application you can get premium android application for free in your android mobile smart phone.

To download GetAPK in your smart phone just go to & here you can see the option to download the latest version of the application. The best part of this app is, you can find older versions of all the apps as well as new versions. For any reason if you need to downgrade the version of any app then you can find it here. There is a big team who are working behind this app to upload & update different types of apps in this market place, whenever any app release their new version the team members upload the new version of that app in their marketplace.

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4Shared to Get Paid Apps for Free:-

Maybe you have not heard about this great platform but this can be very useful for you. 4Shared is another great platform to not only download android apps but also you can get Windows Software’s, Pictures, Videos, Music, PDF Files, Ebooks and many others. This app is available in both Paid & Free versions.

This app is also available in Google Play Store. It publicly hosts the files uploaded by any users and makes them available to download by anyone throughout the cloud

To get free paid apps you have to make an account to use this app. Then only you can get or upload files from this platform. To download paid apps for free you have search the app from the search bar and select an apk extension to download the app for free.

In premium version you will get 100GB of storage to store and capture all your life’s fleeting moments as well as ads free sharing. In the premium version you will get High level of security with SSL data encryption by which your data will stay protected always. You can also send the links to your friends for easy download & you will even restore deleted files in the paid version.

Important Notice:- In this we have shared Tips & Tricks to download paid apps for free, which is not legal. We are sharing this post just for educational purposes. Here we don’t encourage piracy as it may counted as a crime. Here at BlogMean we suggest you to download paid apps after paying the actual amount from Google Play Store.

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    As everyone is interested in smartphones and getting involved in mobiles. And many apps are free downloads, and they are required for some basic functionalities of the mobile. Eg; Google play store etc., Paid apps are not preferred by all. But there are some paid apps, which are needed like Automatic call Recorder Pro, Which is very useful. But it is too costly to download. I was waiting for an opportunity to download it. After reading your article, I followed the steps you explained. I can download that app for free.
    Thank You for sharing such a useful information.
    You have clearly explained the ways of downloading the app and scanning it and other steps. It is very clear, and everyone can understand it very easily. The way you explained it, will surely reach all the bloggers and readers as it is an essential thing to be known to all smartphone users.
    Keep posting. I will share this useful information source on Facebook and Twitter or recommend to read your article. So that everyone can know about this effective way to install paid apps for free.

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