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Google AdSense Success Story- Motivational

Today we will discuss about Google AdSense Success Story- Motivational  AdSense Alternatives    Make Money with AdSense

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AdSense Success Story

Today we will talk about a person Mr. Les Kenny & his Google AdSense success story. He was around 50 years old when he first used a computer. Mr. Les Kenny and his family launched their Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) website BuildEazy in 2001 & it was his first website. Watch the video of AdSense success story of Mr.Kenny.   AdSense Forum    AdSense Earnings   How does AdSense Work

He designed this website to show people how to make everyday things out of wood. Every BuildEazy project, whether it’s a Kentucky Stick Chair or a picnic table, always comes with detailed plans, material lists, tool lists and step-by-step instructions, so that anyone can give it a try. BuildEazy was a hobby website at first. That time they had no idea of the impact Google AdSense would have on their lives. Les had spent most of his life building in both Sydney and Auckland, but his hobby was designing projects and writing about them. This inevitably led to the Buildeazy website, where he posts D.I.Y. woodworking and building projects. Les and daughter Roseanne also wrote two successful kids D.I.Y. books published in Australasia. They had intended to write more books, but AdSense proved to be more lucrative. In early 2004, Les incorporated AdSense into his website. What began as a hobby soon became a source of income as Les began dabbling with AdSense on the site. By experimenting with the position of ads, he went from earning a few dollars a day to a steady income. Around March 2005, to his amazement, optimization of the AdSense ad units throughout the site doubled the earnings overnight. The income from AdSense allowed both Les and his wife Jenny to give up their day jobs and work solely on their passions and hobbies. It has also allowed all of the family to get involved.

Les has spent a lot of time experimenting with his ad layout and color, making use of the Manage Ads feature and custom channels. He found that the 300×250 medium rectangles was overwhelmingly the best performing. Using custom channels, he was also able to remove some units which weren’t performing as strongly to reduce clutter on his site.

“Most of my pages now consist of only two ad units -a 300×250 medium rectangle at the top of the page and a 336×280 large rectangle at the bottom of the page. I have found that a couple of well placed ads on a page do better than a cluster of ads all over the page – and I guess it is also more pleasing for the visitors.

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