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Google Drive-Create Contact Us Form Using Google Drive

How you can add Contact us form from Google Drive in any pages in Blogger or

It doesn’t matter whether you are on which blogging platforms but contact us forms is an awesome medium for communication. It is very important for every blog must have contact us form. This also improves SEO of your blogs.

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There are many ways to create contact us form. But today I will tell you the most easiest way how you can also create it with Google drive or Google docs. In Word Press blogs also you can embed Google drive code so its pretty easier and you must create it today.

There are many Advantage I just wanted to list few advantages of having contact us page.

  • Your readers can contact you easily.
  • They can report you about broken 404 links (most important).
  • They can ask you queries.

Google drive is basically well known for creating documents, forms, spread sheets, taking surveys, etc. and in this post we will see how to create contact form using Google drive and how to embed it on blog/site.

Creating contact form using Google drive is really easy. You just need one Google account to login and just follow the simple steps written below.

Creating Contact Form With Google Drive:

Google Drive Contact us Form

Step 1 :- Login into your Google Drive account.

Step 2 :- Create Google Forms.
  • Go to New >> More >> Google Forms.

Step 3 :- Choose title of the form and add fields.
Now new tab will be open. Here you have to add “form name” and you have to set the fields. Generally in contact us form only 3 fields would be added.

 Name ,Email ID,Message

In “Question Title” enter your fields name like name, email id etc. In “Help text” you can enter data with which people can recognize particular field. This is optional and you can skip this field. 

Step 4 :- click on add item.Just below “Done” button there is one option call “Add item”. Just click on it and select “text” and add email id field.

Now to make sure that people enter correct email id we have to keep validations too. So, to do so just click on “Advance settings” then select “Text” and then select “contains” and finally add “@” as shown in the below snap shot.
Google Drive Contact us Form

While in “Question type” you can set it to “text” and for “Message” field only you can set question type to “paragraph”.MUST READ TIPS HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE.


Step 5 :- Then repeat the same step and select “paragraph” for message field.
After adding all the fields click on “done” to preview the form.

Google Drive Contact us Form

Don’t forget to check/enabled “required question”. This will make sure that each and every field is important to answer else you won’t be able to submit the form.

Step 6 :- click on send form button.A new pop up will be open after clicking on send form button. Now click on “embed” button to set the form size accordingly.

Google Drive Contact us Form

Here HTML code will be generated which you need to copy and paste it on your blog or site.
I recommend you to create new page in blogger or Word Press and in “html” tab paste the entire code. Now whenever anybody submits the form you will be able to see the response in your Google drive account.
I think this is the easiest way to create contact us form and you must create one today only. It will definitely help you a lot in future.

So this was all about creating contact form using Google drive. Hope you found this article helpful and worth reading. Do you Have any query ? Do not hesitate to shoot the query in comments below.
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