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How Logo Affects Sales: The Worst Mistakes.

The main function of any logo is to represent the brand and to connect potential customers to the services or products by evoking associations is their minds. Thus, creating a logo has log become a very important step that should be done with ultimate forethought.


However, even the biggest world companies sometimes neglect the importance of logo design. In this paper, we’ll give you a few examples of what mistakes are the most common and what should be paid attention to remain your corporate identity and increase the total profit.

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Some tips will be useful not only to budding entrepreneurs but also for companies which have long been working in the market.

Unnoticeable Company

Despite all your marketing efforts, your company may still remain unnoticed among hundreds of others. The main reason for this is the poorly-thought logo. Sure, each customer guides by the very personal feeling and emotions when looking at your logo and deciding on whether to buy your product. Still, be sure to define whether your logo calls for credibility at the first glance.

Logo 2

Also, there are common pitfalls which spoil the design:

  • Too sophisticated appearance.
  • Difficult to read font.
  • Incomprehensible image. For example, if you look closer at the logos of different companies, you can find images where the main object is totally absorbed by the “beauty” of florid and complex graphics.

The client will likely go to the shop with a readable and understandable signboard.

The true purposes of a good logo are obvious:

  • To convey the main values of the brand.
  • To call the desired associations.
  • To awaken the trust.
  • To generate a call to action.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs and companies avoid creating logos at all, motivating themselves by the fact that this attribute is not so important at the start. Why to stand out, if nothing is done?

Yes, these opinions have the right to live and are quite reasonable. However, whether your company is big or small, you do register in catalogs and on-line platforms, where you compete with other companies almost exclusively by the means of logos.

Think of a situation when you want to order something via the Internet. Picking up in the online catalog model you want and clicking on the “compare prices” button, you see a list of different companies. And it’s the time when the need to stand out with the quality logo is priceless.  This is a simple but very clear and understandable example of the impact of the company’s logo on customers’ attraction.

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How to Change an Old to a New One without Negative Consequences?

There are some cases when you have to overcome the attachment to the logo that, unfortunately, no longer meets the age and time. It’s quite a hard choice since people usually oppose to the new. Please, be very careful here:

The logo, which has existed for many years, deserves respect. Therefore, by totally changing it, you may harm the company since you don’t know whether the new image of the company will immediately inspire confidence. The best way here is to refresh somehow your good old style by adding a few modern, simple and understandable notes.

Logo 3

Visual Conflict

The lack of stylistic uniformity in the corporate style is a reason which often prevents the clear differentiation of the company among competitors and remembering its look.

Therefore, try to avoid:

  • Differences in font and colors on the logo, the business cards, and the website.
  • Black letters on the contrasting dark background, light yellow letters on a white background, etc. Make sure your text is readable and doesn’t harm people’s eyes.

The logo sets the style of other elements like business cards, envelopes, forms, and, of course, the official page of the company.

Forgettable Company

It’s obvious that the clients just can’t remember all the companies which they deal with. A lot of businesses per one consumer is the global reason for that you should try to make your brand memorable.

Logo 4

As a rule, the client is guided by the principles of associative. The first thing he sees is the company’s name. Please, avoid a sophisticated and too long name; create something laconic and meaningful.

So sum up, let’s name the simplest criteria for successful titles:

  • Readability: the title of the company shouldn’t cause any problems with reading it.
  • Sonority: the name should not have negative associations and problems in pronunciation.
  • Memorability: that means the clear idea and message.
  • Relevance. The name should match your business.
  • Legal clarity. The company should be able to register the name as a trademark.

The design takes a long time. However, it’s worth it. Please don’t rush and weight all possible options before making the final decision.

Brian Jens is a blogger and designer at He used to be helpful for his readers and he is happy to publish all new on his blog. It is a very big pleasure for him to teach someone and show something interesting.

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