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How to Install Plugin in WordPress blog website?

How to Install Plugin in WordPress blog website?

Today we are discussing how to install plugin in your WordPress blog. We are already discussed how you can search free images for your blog post & how to reverse image search.Now we are discussing how to install Plugins in wordpress blog.But before installing plugin in wordpress you must have self hosted wordpress.Install third part plugins option is not available in are doing a very essential part in your self hosted wordpress blog. Plugins are very rich programing offered by third party. There are millions of plugins available in the WordPress that can change your blogging journey easier. By using good plugins in your website you can do very interesting things with your WordPress blog.

How to Install

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Step by Step How to Install Plugin in WordPress Blog?

To install a plugin in WordPress blog you have to put the plugin file into the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory in your hosting server.You can also install plugin by your WordPress dashboard admin area.You have to just go to Plugins>Add New>Search plugins in Search Area by plugin name>Select plugin you want to install>Download Plugin>Activate plugin.

How to Install

Once a plugin is installed, you can activate it or deactivate it from the Plugins menu in your WP administration.

The removal of plugins is also easy in WordPress. You need to simply remove the directory for the plugin you would like to uninstall and then it will be automatically deactivated. Or you can just click on the deactivate, which plugin you need to deactivate.

But please remember in mind that not all plugins are easy to install & uninstall. So always read plugins review & know about the plugin & its working principal before installation. And also please keep in mind that all plugins are not compatible with other plugins & your WordPress theme.So, Do research before installing any plugin in your WordPress directory.

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