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5 Techniques of Improving your site’s Backlink Profile

How to improve your website’s backlink profile by improving the existing links – backlink tactics boosting techniques

It is true that all the backlinks your website has, are not of the same power and authority and not all of them are made equal either. Why they are not equal? Because if they would be, you might be able to find private link farms online, flooding blogging websites and spamming article sites and forums to make a full cream link shake for your website or for even their own.  Thus, in order to save this backlink juice, this practice has been discouraged in the past.

These tactics were common in the past. These techniques can give one-way ticket off of search results today and if noticed by the big boss, you will be nowhere in the search results. Big Boss says use authentic techniques to get backlinks and use techniques of communications, reaching out, and build relationships with the websites you are asking for a backlink and then sharing values so that people can naturally prefer to backlink your website.

Is it an easy task you think? No, it’s not at all, it takes a lot of time to build relationships and create the ground for better relationships. It would involve a lot of waiting off and a lot of to time to your work to come up on the search engine, so while all this process is going on, it is worth to focus on the links you already have earned in the past.

Optimizing the existing links to boost your backlink profile

Here you can give yourself a real backlink booster rather than a backlink juice if you can improve these already earned links you can give you can indeed improve your overall backlink profile and during this process, there is a brighter chance that you might get more backlinks. Plus, you are putting your effort into the links you already have earned as the hardest part.

It is the smartest way to reproduce your efforts and value your existing resources. Optimize your backlinks which you already have, you can start giving your profile a boost which is your actual target, but without following the traditional techniques, you won’t be able to find the quickest way than this.

5 Backlinks Booster Tactics improve your existing backlinks and overall backlink profile

Start with these five tactics applying them on your already existing links and improve your backlink profile.

1. Change Your Anchor Texts

Most of the times, the real problem is not the lower number of backlinks you have, but the real issue is the distribution of the backlinks and optimization of these links. Anchor text is a string that hosts the real backlink and gives your reader a chance to give some context on what is behind the scene and what link is all about. In Search engine optimization, the anchor texts are very important and determine the contextual relevance of the pages.

If you have a sizeable blog and might have some naturally generated backlinks from old posts and other sites and bloggers might present you as an example brand, or referenced your case study, or research in their blogs, or even used your data, all these things, whatever the purpose of using them, they do not improve your backlink profile at all. In other words, optimized anchor text was not used to value you or your work which is a real hurdle in potential SEO boost.

If you think this could be the case with a number of backlinks of yours, you can analyses them with any backlink monitor tool online and get a bird’s eye view of your backlinks and backlink profile by analysing your anchor texts. In the next step, you would simply request new optimized anchor texts to be changed, via email to the website hosts.

As they already known to you and it wouldn’t be a hard task to deal with. It is important to pick up your battle to boost your backlink profiles. The natural links are something you need to focus on and the anchor texts must be fully optimized to get the actual power of the link. The rule of thumb to improve your backlink profile is, *get the backlinks from authority sites and bloggers in the same niche in which your business lies.*

2. Link Recovery

Don’t say you have done a lot by optimizing your anchor texts as it is just the tip of the iceberg hiding under the water. You definitely also be losing a massive power of backlinks in broken and lost links. Someone agreed to give you a backlink, after a few weeks they left it broken or lost.

Simply, find all the broken links that point 404 pages or lost links, there is a bright chance that the page has been moved to the new URL or host has deleted the post. In both cases, you must work on them. These broken links are really harmful to SEO, they actually ruin your entire user experience and affect negatively on your conversions.

Webmasters, eventually find and fix them or even remove them if they cannot be removed. The good news is that you can redirect the broken links to the pages you think would be more useful e.g. to your home page. Just in the case of anchor text requests, you need to contact the host or author of the content to fix the broken links. In most of the cases, the authors and hosts appreciate such efforts when you would contact them in a polite way and establish yourself as a credible business.

3. Repurposing of content

It is one of the best practices to reproduce your content into something more useful and fresh content. This technique called content repurposing and it is a scalable strategy for link building. It is a practice of changing content from an existing format to another format, e.g. a post can be converted into an infographic or a newsletter, or even a video can be produced, slideshow presentation is another technique. The purpose is very simple, to make the content more digestible for the readers.

This way, the same content idea would be utilized into different platforms and your online reach would get a real boost. This method would result in more backlink opportunities and established brand authority. There are a number of research tools available including Buzzsumo to find the most interesting topics. At this stage, the relevant keyword research is one of the daunting tasks.

4. Blogger Outreach as a backlink profile bolster

As discussed that the content repurposing is a great technique to build your backlink profile and it is also a key element in link building strategies. There are three crucial steps involved in the blogger outreach technique;

  • Trendy and popular content
  • More thorough content creation
  • Right content for right people
  • Contacting the right people for earing the backlinks

Publish your content on your own website and outreach the bloggers and influencers to come and link this content to their websites. Keep in mind that the reputation of the blogger is a golden thing and they always focus on this. They usually try to link the cream content only and this is what you keep in mind before reaching the bloggers. You already know how to reach them.

5. Boost your Social Signals

Finally, social media, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to distribute content over the web and it not always about traffic, it is usually about relationship building to win backlinks. You can always spread your brand message via social media but again keep in mind that raw content works better on social media.

As for as your backlink profile concerns, social media would help you to distribute your content to the ideal audiences and it would initiate a ripple effect which would help you brace your SEO for long. In order to get early results, analyse the techniques which have worked better in the past, and pay attention to all those factors which were impacting your backlink profile such as broken links removing or repairing technique. A persistent link building technique is only the first step.

All these tactics can help you improve your backlink profile and push you up in the search result pages way before collecting more backlinks of the lower authority.

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