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Link Building Techniques – All You Should Know in 2017 (Updated)

Internet is full of websites and on the internet there are billions of websites and some of these websites are really great and some of these are very weird websites.

But all these websites needs proper SEO and optimization to receive traffic. Not only on-page but also off-page SEO is very important to get daily traffic. To get good amount of traffic every website need to take care of SEO and no one can ignore it.

So every blogger needs to follow the rules of SEO to take his/her blog on the high level. In this post I will talk about the off-page SEO and link building techniques.

Link Building is most important for any kind of blog and we can say that links are the backbone of a website. If a website have a quality backlinks then no doubt that site will rank higher on search engines and also receive good amount of traffic. So below I am sharing the working Link Building Techniques for 2017.

Working Link Building Techniques For 2017

Link building is the one of the most working methods to get ranking in just few days. As link building really helps to gain instant popularity, authority and traffic. Link building also helps to win the trust of search engines as if a website have good number of quality backlinks then search engines show that website on the top of their search results.

But link building is not that much easy as if you build any kind of spam backlinks to your site then your website will be deindexed. So always build quality backlinks and if you want to rank your website on the 1st page of Google then believe me link building will really help you.

No we are not going to build backlinks as event bloggers as they build 7k-10k backlinks in few days just to increase referring domain and earn good amount on the event day. But sometimes Google ban those sites too just because they build spam backlinks. So we are not going to build backlinks like the event site.

That kind of link building comes under “Black Hat SEO” but now Google is more strict and these link building is not working now. So having 10k low quality backlinks will not help to rank now but have 20 high quality backlink will really give boost to your website.

But how to build them? Don’t worry I am sharing some methods below and you will really see good result in few weeks if you follow properly.

Guest Post

Guest post is the number one and best way to get high quality backlinks from other blog. Guest post not only give you website high quality do follow backlink from other blog but also your website will receive referral traffic.

So guest post on other blogs which have DA more then 20 and having good number of backlinks. Write a good post with 2k words or more and you will see growth of your blog in few weeks.

But how to find blogs which are accepting guest post? First check your facebook friends and make a list of those friends which are also doing blogging. Then check their website’s metrics and ask them for guest post, if they accept then post on their blog. You can also Google for the below footprints to get guest post accepting blogs.

Footprints: inurl:guest-posts or inurl:write-for-us

But wait don’t post on spammed blogs as blogs which are allowing others to post any type of post are spammed. Means post on the blog which is relevant and get backlink from the content not from the bio.

Commenting on “Commentluv” Enable Blogs

This is another great working way to get more backlinks to your website. Commenting on other blogs will really improve your blog’s backlink profile. But don’t comment for just a backlink as read the post and then comment. Don’t comment just few lines like “Thanks for post”, “Your blog is so cool am bookmarking” blah blah blah no don’t comment this type of shit comment no one is going to approve these comments. Always comment something unique and related to the post.

You can use this footprint to find commentluv enable blogs. “keyword” “commentluv” or you can also use the below footprint.

Keyword “This blog uses premium CommentLuv” -“The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported.”

Replace keyword with your keyword and search in Google and you will get blogs. Check the metrics before commenting and comment on the blogs which are having good DA and PA.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the way which will help you to get the backlink from Wikipedia. On the internet Wikipedia is very old and great source of information. Also, getting a backlink from Wikipedia is equal to having backlink from 10 high quality blogs. So, my friend Wikipedia backlink is very powerful and it will really boost ranking of your website and also referral traffic.

Actually you have to find the broken links on Wikipedia and then have to provide a quality article by your blog. Then you can get link from Wikipedia and to know in more deep you can go to this article. I also follow this guide by Matthewwoodward – Wikipedia Broken Link Building Guide

Keep in mind don’t over do it as build links in limit on Wikipedia as Wikipedia and Google can ban you. As they will consider your website as spam so build one link in one week or in two week but only relevant.

Natural Backlinks

This the best way in actual as natural backlinks are the best way to gain quality backlinks. I mean make out standing content and other blog will automatically link your article in their post. Don’t believe me? Jut check this post as I am linking Wikipedia backlink method which is shared by Matthewwoodward as he really shared a great informative article. Not only me but also other blogs is also adding that post in their article.

So in that way he is getting natural backlinks and Google really loves it. You can also check his ranking on Google that post is ranking on the top. So always create worth to read and share blog post and your blog will gain popularity in no time.

If your article is really informative Google will also rank it without any backlinks on the top and other people will also share on social media or on their blogs. But creating this type of content is not that much easy you really need to post something new and unique to get natural backlinks. Hope you will achieve it 🙂

Infographic to get High quality Backlinks

This method is still working as people love to get the knowledge from the media as compared to text. Everyone loves to get information from the images as people understand images more. If you can design really cool images then not only you will get traffic but also other blogs will link your info graphic in their posts.

Also you can share your info-graphic on info-graphic sharing websites or can direct send message to other blog owners to link your info-graphic in their post. Believe if your info-graphic is really good then they will link for sure and you will get benefit from it.

Final Words

So guys these are the all working link building techniques which are working in 2017. I know there are so many other techniques but these are the best and safe ways to get links from other blogs. Also keep in mind that don’t over do it as you can lose your blog if you did.

You can find lots of other ways on the internet too but i shared the techniques which are working and i am also using the same. Just try once and you will see the positive results in few days and your blog’s ranking and traffic will be up for sure.

If you have any of your way and want to share here then comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with others and also share your views on this topic in comment section.

5 thoughts on “Link Building Techniques – All You Should Know in 2017 (Updated)”

  1. John Doe says:

    Wow! It’s totally different topic it has pretty much

  2. ModernTechnolab says:

    Great Post! Totally agree with all link building techniques. All techniques are important for increase ranking and grow websites Popularity, Thanks for the mentions of Infographics! Really interesting article to read! Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Robin Khokhar says:

    very nice post,
    I have never gone for the Broken links. SO, this year I will be going for the Broken link to build links.
    thanks for sharing this amazing post.
    And have a good year ahead.

  4. Harry Patel says:

    Guest post and Infographic is my main weapon to rank any site.

    BTW Great article

  5. Alan says:

    Pretty good for a newbie like me. I’ll try to follow on your instructions and will update here.

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