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Local SEO Strategies To Tussle With The Competitors

Are you sick of losing to your competitors?

If yes then you are in need to perform SEO competitor analysis. 

Competition is an integral part of the industry which eventually helps the businesses to stand out in the crowd. Most of the startups or other enterprises neglect this step to reduce their burden of mapping, keyword researching, and so on.

But you need to understand that investigating on your competitors can help you figure out the realistic, clear, and cohesive local SEO strategy to skyrocket your website’s potential traffic.

Ultimately, doing the competitor’s analysis helps you:

  • Learn what will work in your industry and what not
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor
  • Understand which SEO strategy to prioritize up rank your competitors

Let us explore quickly how you need to perform competitor analysis and what local SEO strategies you must implement to compete with your SEO competitors.

1. Identify Your Competitors

Before you begin with any step, it is crucial to identify your competitors as all are not the same. There might be many SEO competitors who have different niche those who you have to contend in Google rankings.

For instance, a bakery in NY is targeting the keyword like “best biscuit in NY” to compete with other businesses for the high rankings. But if that bakery is implementing the how-to tutorial or blog to rank their page on the top of SERPs then they might be competing with big food giants or networks.

This is how the competition is carried out in every industry.

Ultimately identifying your competitors is as simple as entering your keywords on Google and allowing the tool to do everything for you. For example, if your target keyword is overlooked with images or statistics then you need to think about creating the content including the same stuff to stay ahead of your competition.

2. Find The Keywords

The next step to perform before you implement the on-page SEO factors or create links is to analyze the keywords your competitors are targeting. It is a good idea to gauge your SEO competitor’s strengths.

However, it can be easy to compete theoretically in any niche but when it comes to resources then some of them can be unfeasible.

So, ensure making use of analysis tool used by your competitors to determine some of the vital factors like:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Backlink Data
  • Social Signals
  • Alexa Rank
  • Indexing

Focus on the SEO rivals with overall low score ranking for the target keywords so start with good scoring and then can easily target your big SEO rivals.

3. Take Advantage Of GMB

Google My Business is one of the most crucial SEO strategies where Google allows you to handle your online existence across the entire globe. It further allows to achieve credible customer reviews or testimonials and make it easy for the users to find your business information, directions, and images directly through the search.

Furthermore, Google a little while back introduced Google Posts which allows you to update the offers, discounts, events to your local GMB listing so that it is shown up in the search results. These posts are very beneficial when it comes to seeking engagement of the people searching for businesses like yours.

So, setup and optimize your GMB listing like this:

i) Verify your listing: List your page with a unique PIN generated via phone or post. 

ii) Add Pictures: Include relevant images to every web page category.

iii) Pictures Of Your Employees: Add images of your team along with the clients carrying out the job.

iv) Website Link: Make sure your website link is exact

v)Working hours: Include Opening and Closing hours of your business

vi) Pin Point Location: Ensure the exact location on the map.

Besides all these, NAP consistency is very important. So, update your name, address, and phone number on the GMB page as well on all the social profiles and ensure that NAP is consistent on every platform.

Most of your competitors might be having the Google My Business pages but it is not sure that they update it time-to-time or know how to make proper use of it. So, optimize your GMB to drive more local traffic and stay ahead of your competitors. In addition, provide your users with Virtual tour option to give them your business insights which further leave a good impression on the audience. 

4. Go For Site Analysis

According to many businesses, determining the competitor’s on-page SEO is just a waste of time but in actual it is a big “No.” Doing this helps you gather valuable information from their on-site strategies and weaknesses of that. 

Firstly, move on to the keyword density and examine whether your target keyword is acceptable or not. Next comes the meta information that includes meta title and description. So, analyze how your competitors have written the metadata. If they have used the appropriate CTAs or not.

Moreover, examining your competitor’s site design can help in understanding how reliable their website is. From here itself, you will be able to figure out the internal link building tactics used by them.

5. Focus On Content Analysis

It’s a fact that pages with a good amount of content rank better but quality always matters more than quantity. That’s why your goal should be to create a page that can rank your targeted keyword. With this, examine various elements used in your competitor’s content.

i.) WordCount: Focus on long-form content as it performs well on Google searches. Make use of keyword density tool to know the word length considered by your competitors. Ultimately, your goal should be to create quality content along with the appropriate length.

ii) Content Uniqueness: Writing a bunch of junk and repetitive content won’t work as you’ll require unique content that can make you stand out in the crowd. And not the copied one but that is crafted and researched uniquely. In addition, the media also plays a very significant role in quality content and increasing its worth as including the images, videos improves the user experience and is easy to digest.

iii) Outbound Links: Outbound linking improves the reliability of content and helps to build bonds with the users. If your competitors are unaware of this then take advantage and do this for your business.

6. Leverage The Local Business Citations

Do you know what is citation building and how it can benefit your business? Citation building is an organized work of building the business listings on the targeted directories. This not only benefits your brand but also helps the customers to reach and know the worth of your services.

So, make your local SEO campaigns established with full citation ensuring the consistency of NAP. Furthermore, this kind of audit helps to find better opportunities for your brand exposure leaving a positive impact on your local searches.

This is a good option to beat your competitors but it is worth checking out the local citations and directories relevant to your niche or business too.

7. Learn How To Leverage Social Media

Every site optimization specialist agrees that social media can benefit your brand enormously. Let us tell you in detail the advantages of good social media listening tool:

  • Increases website traffic and engage the customers especially when they are seeking the products or services like yours.
  • Monitors the efficiency of blogs, forums, newb sites, and more.

Besides these you can make use of social media platforms to research:

  • Which social media platform your competitors are using?
  • How often they publish the posts?
  • How they carry out the conversation with their followers?

However, you can also track their user’s reviews, feedbacks to know what are their customer’s interests and what they like about their products or services. So, do the research and find what you can do better for your brand and customers.

But still, after implementing all these strategies you are unable to beat your competitor then they might be leveraging the paid campaigns to drive more traffic and increase sales. So monitor their paid ad campaigns, promoted content to generate more sales and conversions.

Final Thoughts

Everything above works very effectively on improving your website’s ranking on the SERPs and building your client base. So, making use of these simple yet effective local SEO strategies would definitely benefit you in promoting and gaining the brand exposure as the results leaving your competitors out of the race. Moreover, you’ll be able to improve your sales, drive more traffic, and motivate the potential customers to choose you over your SEO competitors. Hope these insights from expertLocal SEO Servicescanhelp you make the best for your brand and exclude what can go wrong. All the Best!

Author Bio:

Ravi Sharma is a young entrepreneur who has shown intense dedication in building his brand Webomaze, delivering SEO services in Chandigarh. He has got a great grip on converting leads and sales through effective optimization promoting business growth and exposure. He is a fun-loving person who always tries to find adventure by visiting different places.

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