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Meaning of CTR Click through Rate in Google AdSense Program

Meaning of CTR Click through Rate in Google AdSense?

Today we will discuss about CTR Click through Rate in Google AdSense Program,(Click through Rate).

CTR Click through Rate

We all know that in the world of digital marketing Internet is doing a great role which is called Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. It is always true that CTR matters a lot in the world of Internet Marketing. It is useful & beneficial for Advertisers as well as Publishers too. All types of Advertiser’s create ads graphics to promote their product or Brand & should get more CTR and publisher’s role is to place the ad in the proper place in such a way that this ads gets more CTR.

From a Blogger or Internet Marketer / Publisher’s view, CTR  is the factor plays an important role in making money & keeping advertisers with publishers. If you are not able to give enough click, your advertise May not doing business with you. So, Now you can understand the why CTR is important. Now you are going to understand the CTR. what it is actually?

I found many people or blogger or Publishers asking about this question. What is Click through rate?

What is CTR (Click through Rate)?

CTR Click through Rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns. Source-Wikipedia.

Asper mentioned definition CTR means: – Number of clicks / Number of View & CTR Percentage means: – Number of clicks * 100 / No of View.

If you have an ad running in your website and it’s seen by 1000 people but got only 60 clicks, your CTR is 6%. Here One thing should be noted that here the higher the percentage of CTR better advertisement you will get. So it’s mean you should place any type of advertisements only at the place which is viewable and can be clicked easily.

Now, one question which is commonly asked that what Good CTR is?

If you are getting enough clicks on your AdSense but if your revenue is low. Then let me explain about AdSense CTR Click through Rate. It is true that if you are getting too many clicks on AdSense ads will never guarantee good earnings, the key here is to target ads which gives good PPC (Pay Per Click). Like, creating post/Article in your blog with high CPC (Cost per Click). On such ads, even few clicks you will able to earn more money than 500 clicks.To maintain better CTR I am referring you one topic from problogger.

I will post with more topics on Google AdSense and will try to make your AdSense experience good. If you don’t want to miss any of it subscribe to BlogMean Feed. If you really like this article then share it with social media.This will help many bloggers,Advertisers & Publishers to understand the real meaning of CTR.

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