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Measuring Online PR Effectiveness

Measuring the Impact of an Online PR Campaign

A lot of professional bloggers are turning to public relations (online PR to be exact) as one of the ways of expanding their reach. For brands and businesses, online PR is a must-use instrument. There are several reasons why online PR is quickly becoming popular. One of the more prominent ones is the fact that online PR effectiveness can be measured to the last detail.

If you’ve been involved in an online PR campaign before – such as when you write about a particular news or press release – you’ve probably noticed that the post you created is measured. Items is one of the key metrics used by PR professionals to measure the impact of a campaign, according to experts from the online Public Relations program of George Washington University. Items refer to the number of posts or news articles generated by a press release or a PR campaign.

You can find out more about how to measure the impact of an online PR campaign from Measuring Online PR Effectiveness, an infographic by George Washington University.

George Washington University created this infographic.


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    Love the way you explain it. Really appreciated

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    Very nice and informative article. Thanks for posting this article. Keep posting.

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