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Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

Earn Money Online :- Are you looking for a platform to get sponsored content for your blog? Do you wish to earn money online from your Twitter account or your social media account? Do you want to earn from YouTube videos without AdSense?

Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

If your answer is Yes, today I will be introducing to a well-known platform, which connects brands with bloggers. This platform is useful for anyone with a blog, YouTube channel, or Twitter profile. The platform that I’m talking about is call BlogMint. BlogMint is well known as an influencers marketing platform, which helps the brand connect to the bloggers for sponsored opportunity in the form of Blog post or social media updates. Even if you don’t have a well-established blog, you can join it & monetize your Twitter stream or YouTube channel start Earn Money Online immediately.

In this guide, I will give you a complete walk through of BlogMint, and how you can use it to grow your blogging income.

How BlogMint Works & How you can get started?

BlogMint is an influencers marketing platform. Initially, it started with the goal of connecting Bloggers with brands, but later on this platform allows people with good social media following (Currently Twitter & YouTube) to earn money via sponsored content. Getting started with this platform is easy, and here is how you can get started:

  • Head over to & click on sign up.
  • You can use your BlogSpot,, Self-hosted Word Press or YouTube account to create an account. Or else, use your email.
Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

  • The next step is to complete your profile details. I recommend you to fill up all the fields carefully, as it would help you to get the right price for your blog post, YouTube video or Tweet.
Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

  • Once done, click on Continue to profile, and in the next step, you need to mention all your digital property, which you can want to monetize.
  • Blog Mint let you monetize your Twitter account, Blogs, & YouTube channel.
Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

  • You need to be careful when adding the charges (Cost) for sponsored post, tweet or videos.
  • If you keep your price too high, you might not get too many offers & if you keep it low, you will be underpaid. My advice for you is to consider the factors such as traffic, reach to decide the price for the sponsored blog post.
  • For Twitter consider the number of genuine followers & level of engagement.  YouTube videos could be a game changer for many and you can set your price depending upon the quality of videos you create.

It would take about 5-10 minutes to complete your profile, and as I mentioned above, a detailed profile will help you to get high-value campaigns.

How to get paid campaign instantly on Blog Mint?

One of the biggest problem with many influencers marketplaces is, you need to wait for days or weeks to get your first Campaign. On Blog Mint, you can get your first paid campaign right away. All you need to do is, click on Discover Campaign at the top, and you will see all existing campaigns.

Earn Money Online.

Monetize Social Media,Get Sponsored post,Earn Money Online.

Click on any of the active campaigns, and see all the details. You should consider following factors before applying for any campaign:

  • Is the campaign/product relevant to your blog.
  • If it’s an online tool, are you getting access to the tool.
  • If it’s a product (let’s say a fashion product), are you getting a test product.
  • Do you have complete editorial control over the content or not.

Many of the campaign don’t have a fixed price and is available for negotiation. This is a good opportunity for your blog, to get a decent price for a sponsored post. You can interact with the brand manager directly through Blog mint dashboard, and pick a campaign that matches your blog standard.

What set Blog Mint a great platform to monetize digital assets?

What I like about Blog Mint is the ideology & their progressive attitude. It is 100% transparent and is born with the vision to promote fair monetization for Bloggers. Over the time, they have added new monetization techniques (Sponsored Tweets, Sponsored YouTube videos), which shows this company is constantly adding moving forward with changing times. The company let you find Blog Score, & Social score that adds gasification, and encourages budding bloggers to work on their blog & Social media platform to improve their score.

I have many interesting insights about the platform. I will share them in another post in coming weeks. For now you can go ahead & create your Blog Mint account. Don’t forget to set the perfect price for Sponsored post on your blog.

Create BlogMint Account

Let me know how was your experience with Blog Mint, and what all new features you would like to see here. Do share this post on your social networking site as Sharing Knowledge is best sharing, as it would help your blogger & friends to earn money.

Happy Learning | Happy Earning.

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