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Online Twitter Tools to unfollow not active or Inactive users.

Today we are going to discuss a very important topic about twitter follow & Unfollow. We all know that what is twitter (Also known as micro Blog platform) & Importance of twitter in online marketing. Now day’s Social Media is the key to content marketing strategy. And in Social media Facebook & twitter is doing major role than any other social media account.

Unfollow Twitter

I always try to treat my Social Media Accounts (Major-Facebook & Twitter) like my home. As we always try to keep my home neat & clean. No unwanted thing we not prefer to keep in our house. That strategy goes for my Social Media Accounts. In Twitter millions of users are twitting billions of tweets every day. And in millions of twitter user lacs of users are there who not so important or not active are. We not get any useful information from those users. If we follow them they never refollow us neither retweet our tweets nor mention us. In my views that type of users are wanted users who only increase the count of followers of my account. I always try to keep them out from my social media account.

But the major parts comes here.Suppose you are following thousands of users who are always sharing important topics with everyone. But how you will find that some users who are inactive & still you are following. Here is the solution of this particular problem related to Unfollow inactive twitter followers.

Amazing Online tools to unfollow not active users in Twitter:-


I admire the simple and user-friendly design of this tool. It turns into very handy to unfollow tweeps who aren’t lively with just making a choice on the check box. And should you feel that Twitter customers share priceless expertise even if he/she is inactive due to the fact that lengthy then you could uncheck the choice. Moreover that you may additionally to find these twitter account which have handiest zero tweets. Have you learnt Twitter can delete a Twitter account is it has been inactive for 6 months.

Go to Untweeps and login making use of your Twitter account. After logging you will see a page, and that you would be able to pick the days for which a Twitter account which you are following have no longer made any single repute update. That you may prefer more than one account from the inactive record and click on unfollow tweeps to unfollow them in bulk. It’s neat and lovely fast software which you are going to love.


ManageFlitter is a multi-reason Twitter app which permits you to do many things. Let me first talk about unfollow characteristic and later I may even share few different features which I found out about this tool. Go to and login making use of your Twitter account. Click on manage > Unfollow and prefer quiet from the left sidebar to see the customers who have no longer tweeted for long. This manner that you could rapidly determine profile and that you would be able to batch opts for and unfollow them.

Manageflitterr presents few extra elements which you’ll find interesting:

  • It can post automatically your Google plus post to Twitter
  • It has a feature that it can make a list of twitter users who tweet in other languages.
  • It is amazing that it can  find Twitter profile who are not using a profile image (absolutely a junk / Spam profile).

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