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On this page I’m checklist those blog submit links the place you will see me both in a list or answering some questions. I am making this page to encourage myself and my fellow bloggers. This web page would additionally help me to don’t forget about these posts in case I overlook.


  1. – 32 Internet Experts Sharing their Secret Link Building Techniques on Rusty Blogger
  2. – Can you tell me whats the best advice you will give for SEO to newbies?
  3. – How to start a Blog – 92 Bloggers Sharing Real Life Experiences
  4. – 15+ Experts Revealed Best guide and Tips for Beginners 
  5. – 32 Experts Revealing Their Secret SEO Techniques 
  6. – 37 Online Marketing Experts share their Best Blogging Tools
  7. – Experts & Social Media Influencers shares “General Advice on Blogging for Newcomers” : An Expert Round Up Journal
  8. – Importance of Link Building in SEO-26 Expert’s Strategies


  1. – Exclusive Interview with Pritam Datta – Founder of BlogMean : Interview taken by YoSuccess.
  2. – Interview With Pritam Datta ( : Interview taken by Babanpreet Singh.
  3. – Rare Facts & Intelligent Tips on Blogging by Pritam Datta : Interview taken by Anuradha.
  4. – Pritam Datta from BlogMean
  5. – An Interview With Pritam Datta – A Well Known Name Over Social Media : Interview taken by Ashwani Jain

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