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How to Prevent Blog Headaches and Stoppages

People say running a blog is a difficult task! You always have to keep an eye on different things, with optimal focus so that things don’t get messed up. That having said, when you’re used to doing all things by yourself, it is going to be a lot of hard times for your blog — at least in some instance. Suppose you – the blog writer, developer, marketer and everything by yourself — get seriously ill or want to go to some place for a few weeks. Definitely, your blog is going to face some serious stoppages and they will in turn bring headaches to you. blog headaches

But, if you play cleverly, there are ways to prevent blog headaches and stoppages. It needs to be noted that, even if it’s not about stoppages, managing blog by all yourself can be a headache to you. In this article, however, we’ll tell you how you can prevent blog headaches and stoppages.

Prevent Blog Headaches Stoppages – the Short Answer

As we mentioned earlier, blog stoppages are often caused when you try to play the one-man-army game, with not a bit of support from anyone else. So, in that respect, one of the ways to prevent blog stoppages is to Outsource. Just as the name says, outsourcing means the dividing and allocating of different tasks to different people. It means that, instead of putting yourself into coding, designing, writing and marketing, you should find experts to play those parts. This is the short answer, and we have the long one right away.

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Prevent Blog Stoppages — the Longer Answer

So, we have already told you that outsourcing is the answer for fighting off blog stoppages. Now, we will go in detail, mentioning the practical outsourcing your blog needs in the current scenario. Depending upon how big your blog is, you may need more outsourcing (or, less, if it’s smaller).

  • A Blog Writer / Content Writer / Ghostwriter

Choosing one of these is an important thing when you want to outsource content. It’s quite natural if you’re not that good at writing blog posts. Or, alternatively, you may not at all be interested in writing. Since it’s necessary to keep your blog updated, you need to have content that is genuine, readable and SEO-friendly. Once you have out-sourced a blog writer or content writer, you don’t have to worry about the content section of your blog.

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It has to be noted that you have to pick one of the best content writers available there. She / He should have some qualities, such as the good writing skills, command over language, in-depth knowledge on the topic and flexibility. Flexibility is an important thing, because you would have to change the blog post requirements depending on the instances. You’ll have to pay good when you outsource content, but it’s a good investment — because you can get it back.

So, the next time, when you don’t feel like writing, you can call your content writer and request an article — but, try to be a professional, always. On a serious note, ghostwriting isn’t recommended, because you’re stealing the credits of someone else’s works. And, it’s a good thing for your blog to have many authors instead of one.

  • Graphic Designer

To make your blog compelling, you need graphic content. The content ranges from basic blog posts to such banners you keep on sidebars. Once again, as the blogger, you may not be an effective designer, or your designs might not be that attractive. You know, taking random pictures from web can bring you all sorts of trouble. And, that’s why we say that it’s good to outsource a graphic designer for your blog.

Furthermore, a graphic designer needs not to be tied to your blog-based purposes! You can use his/her talents to get a boost on your social media marketing (images work well, there, too). We have seen blog posts that are brilliantly written but can’t attract readers because the lack of visual impact. If you’re serious into blogging, this absence is one big problem for you. blog headaches

If this thing makes sense, you can hire a freelance graphic designer or in-house designer to prevent stoppages.

  • Developer / Coder

You cannot use the default WordPress theme forever, and that’s a bad decision if you plan to do that! When you are dealing with WordPress plugins and all, you may face some problems. For instance, people do fail when they are told to insert a simple script to the blog — and nothing happened. To prevent the kind of stoppages, you’ve to outsource a good developer. blog headaches

Once you have done that, you don’t have to play your half-boiled tricks in the WordPress coding part. That is, when you need a minor change to be made in the theme design, you can call him/her and tell the requirement. Given that you have chosen an expert, the problem or requirement will be dealt in no time. In addition, if you are hesitant to do something code-nerdy, you can seek the help of this outsourced developer.

  • Social Media Marketer and SEO Optimizer

Both these factors are actually optional, depending on your niche, your expertise etc. If you think a particular group of people can be a good source of traffic and conversion for your blog, you can outsource a social media marketer. In addition, he or she can manage your social media profiles with efficiency, with catchy words and phrases. blog headaches

In the case of SEO, however, there are some in-site changes to be made when you want the blog to become friendly to Search Engines. It’s entirely different from the SEO-friendliness of the content you publish. So, even a writer with good SEO knowledge won’t be enough for in-site SE Optimization. It’s your choice, in the end.

By the Way

Apart from these, there are some other modes of outsourcing to be done. For instance, if you get too many projects in the blog management, you can get a project manager and then focus on your area. Similarly, there is the scope for a people if you’re turning your blog into a company. But, it does not matter what you are going to outsource, you’ve to keep professionalism. You cannot treat them like shit and then bargain when they ask for payment. Be ready to pay for what they have done. blog headaches

Some Other Ways to Prevent Blog Headaches

Well, you have some other seemingly-simple but quite-useful methods to follow when you want to escape from blog stoppages. Some of them are: blog headaches

  • Better scheduling is an important thing to be done about blog headaches. For instance, if you schedule those posts in the timely manner, you can be quite relieved in the end. The same can be done in the case of social media too. For that, however, you may need some dedicated social media management platforms and all.
  • Setting daily/weekly/monthly goals is yet another way to better blog running. In that case, you will have to finish on particular tasks every week, as not to get things messed up.
  • One of the best methods to have a smoothly-running blog is to have a good team! Sometimes, it’s good to be a one-time-army. However, there are times that require you to have the team spirit.


So, we have told you some cool tips on how to prevent blog headaches and stoppages! The first and foremost option is to outsource the tasks, so that you can have focus on your area of expertise. For instance, if you are a good coder, you can outsource content and designing, so that you can focus on coding stuff. Does not that make sense? It should when you want your blog to run smoothly without any issues. And, it’s only then that you get some good revenue out of it.

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