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Proven steps to Earn Money with Information Technology

Today, formal employment and self-employment are not just the only way you can earn decent money. There is now online working which is currently engaging millions of people around the world. Some years back, “online working” was seen as a scam. Few people wouldn’t figure it out, how with a computer and internet access, one could earn money. Information Technology

Since 45 years ago when the internet was invented, and 25 years ago when World Wide Web was invented, online working has grown that now you can’t ignore it. Today, with a computer and internet connection, you can earn as much as a corporate leader is earning. The best part is that there are over thirty ways in which you can do this. Additionally, it seems we are just starting and few years coming; we may be having companies with 100 employees, but only 10 are in the offices. Below are some authentic ways of earning money online.

Information Technology

Blogging Information Technology

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. By just creating a blog and then creating quality and interesting posts, you can generate decent cash from affiliate links, ads, selling your e-book among others. However, establishing a successful blog is not simple. You must have the basic knowledge of launching a blog and then select a niche that you are passionate to blog about. Today, there are thousands if not millions of bloggers, who are working full time on their blogs. There are blogs, which attract more than one million visitors per month, which in turn makes the blog popular, attracting even the high-end companies to advertise on your space. Information Technology

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Taking surveys Information Technology

Do you know some companies are willing to pay you to hear your opinion? If you enjoy taking surveys, you can try it part time or do it full time. Numerous companies are doing this, for example, Cashback Research, which will pay you handsomely, for your opinions. In fact, you don’t have to travel to their physical location; you will comfortably do it at home.

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Freelancing Information Technology

This is another way of making money online. Freelancing is offering your skills to people who need it and then be paid for your work. There are platforms, which have been created to bring freelancers and clients together, this has made it safe to transact with clients. Some of the skills, which are in high demand on many of these platforms including, Logo design, internet marketing, web content creation, virtual assistant, PHP development, data entry, internet research among others. So if you have any of these skills, sign up to one of these platforms and establish your profile. There are currently over 100 freelancing sites where Upwork and Freelancer are the largest platforms. In 2014, it was estimated that Upwork had more than 9.7 million freelancers; this is even before the company merged with Elance.

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Offer online tutoring Information Technology

It is now possible to independently tutor people online, from the comfort of your home. Imagine how many people would like to learn your mother tongue language or any other language you are fluent? As well, you can offer assistance to travelers visiting your country. There are currently sites, which connect tutors and students, which you will only need to fill the applications and once you are accepted you start making money. Additionally, you can start an online course and have people pay for it.

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Social media marketing Information Technology

Recent research shows that over 2.2 billion people are using social media in 2016. This accounts for over 31 percent of the world population.  Facebook alone has over 1 billion active users while Twitter has over 500 million registered users. The high traffic on these platforms provides a good platform to advertise products and services. Luckily, it is not a must you market your products; you can as well market other people’s products and earn a commission. With basic knowledge on social media marketing, you are ready for the catch.

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Upload YouTube Videos Information Technology

How many times do you watch YouTube videos per day? Do you know that most probably the person who uploaded the video is making money from each view? Yes, that how you can earn money too. Create a YouTube channel, and invite people to subscribe. Choose a niche and be uploading worthy and attractive videos.  In 2015, a 25-years Swede, Felix Kjellberg earned $12 million from YouTube. His channel has over 40 million subscribers. So, if you have a rare skill or a lovely cat, show them to the world. You could be making a million dollar in the next one-year. Information Technology

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There are countless ways in which you can make money online. With just a computer and internet connection, the world becomes a village. Luckily, to start making online, you don’t require heavy investment; just do what you love professionally. Information Technology


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  1. charan says:

    plenty of opportunities on make money from home through internet, but need patience and knowledge .. out of this list blogging is the best career can earn multiple ways with a single blog. selling products is also the profitable online business .. thanks for sharing mate!

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