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REMOVE These 5 APPS FROM YOUR Android phone Right now

Android smartphones come with a lot of bloatware but, we don’t use them all on our smartphones. In addition, many of these apps affect your device performance that causes worse battery backup, hanging problems, etc. These 5 apps are harmful and you should delete them immediately because all they get is to make your smartphone suffer.

Excessive battery consumption, overwhelming data consumption, useless functions or outdated services: some apps do more harm than good to your user experience. These are the wicked chosen:

5 High performance consuming Apps you should remove it from your Android phone

  1. Facebook

The Facebook app is the Zuckerberg social network application. Just like the desktop version keeps you informed when you are tagged in a photo, it allows you to update your status, upload photos, give ‘like’ … it has so many functions that it requires dozens of services running in the background. These functions affect your battery and the RAM of your smartphone. We believe that uninstalling Facebook, if your smartphone suffers, is a good idea.

Instead of using the Facebook app you should use via browser it will consume fewer data and resources. Or else you can use the Facebook Lite app. Open Facebook on your browser, touch three dots to open the browser Settings menu > Add to home screen. You will have a direct access to the mobile web version of Facebook on the desktop and consume much less, in every way.

Download Fb Lite (Google play).

Another option is to use Messenger Lite if you want to stay in touch with your Facebook contacts. You’ll save RAM and power because, among other things, it displays images in much less resolution.

Download Messenger Lite (Google Play).

  1. (or any other weather forecast app)

The cause of widgets and apps of weather & time is not only that they occupy space, Also they consume a lot of data since they have to be updated very often. Also, they make use of our GPS location when they update reports, which also affects the battery. To save battery, in this case, it’s better to directly put “Time in [city]” in Google and you will see it in a second. The same using the weather commands for Google Now.

Other time and forecast apps that can work are those that aren’t updated automatically, For example, Google which is updated when you enter and you decide (as long as you don’t need to install the widget). In addition, always right. My advice to you avoids those that are automatically updated and especially the widgets.

  1. 360 Security (heavy antivirus)

Your smartphone already has best services natively to avoid malware & viruses. Antivirus slows down your smartphone and for example, when you download an app, scan it for several seconds to see that if its safe or not. If this app comes from Google Play the risk is negligible and this doesn’t make sense. Because in Google play store every app should be reviewed by Google team deeply before appearing the app in the store.

I think antivirus apps not needed, in addition, usually bring an anti-theft system that is not very different from Android Device Manager. With this system, you can lock your smartphone in the distance, as well as locate it.

  1. Cleanup Apps such as Clean Master and Task Killers

There are many of the Android cleaner apps that promise to free up space on your smartphone. When these apps act, they often leave residues and debris on the smartphone, which obstruct performance. Also, when doing regular cleaning, consume battery and sometimes even show us advertising that consumes data. Task killers, for their part, close open processes that are necessary and force your smartphone to start the process again and to use more energy in it, it is also better that you don’t use them.

If you need to do the cleaning, it is best to go to the Settings> Storage menu and see in which apps or sections it makes sense to delete cache, disable apps, or delete files. Better by hand.

  1. Default Browser

Get rid of the default browser. Use Chrome, Dolphin, UC Browser, except the one that comes preinstalled. This browser does not receive security updates and is more vulnerable. To protect your passwords or data is better to choose a browser that is updated continuously. Here you have our list of the best browsers for Android.

I hope this article will help you less some load of your smartphone and improve the battery life, device performance noticeably. Do you know other apps that should be on the list? What apps have you removed because you noticed that they were playing on your device?

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6 thoughts on “REMOVE These 5 APPS FROM YOUR Android phone Right now”

  1. nehakha says:

    nice information.
    everyone wants to gain knowledge you are doing good job thanks lots

  2. Carol says:

    Excellent advice! Now that I think about it all that you listed is perfectly logic! I am going to uninstall Messenger and install the lite version instead. I never use the predetermined browser so unstalling it is a good thing to do too. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Bast Boley says:

    Great list. The best thing about these extensions is that they are quite easy to use & helpful. Sidekick and Break Helper are also helpful for bloggers.

  4. BalkanRunner says:

    I like the default browser because is more lightweight than Chrome for example.

  5. Sasi Binu says:

    Oh, Really great post for android lovers, Thanks for sharing the advise

  6. Addy Brown says:

    Apps running in the background eat up your RAM and use battery life, even if they’re on standby. The idea behind apps that claim to boost your memory is to close these background apps systematically.

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