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The Biggest Risks of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be easily defined as a speed train which becomes faster every year. Research shows that, in comparison to the previous year, there were 61% more B2B marketers producing more written content, while the number of those who create audio and visual increased by 64%. Judging based on these data it is clear that content marketing is a winning card for any business. While there are millions of websites and articles mentioning how beneficial content marketing can be, this doesn’t mean that it is risk-free. From the moment an entrepreneur opens his business, he should be perfectly aware that anything he does comes with a risk. The same happens with content marketing. Any company needs content to increase their visibility and attract customers. But, what happens if content marketing is not used right? What are the risks that come with a sound content marketing strategy? This article is going to point out which are the biggest risks that come with content marketing and how they affect brands today.

The Biggest Risks of Content Marketing

  • Irrelevant content

One of the main rules established by the specialists in content marketing is relevancy. Brands are putting all their efforts to create relevant content for their business, which impresses customers and keeps them loyal. However, there are not many marketers who have thought how the risk of irrelevancy looks like. The effect is pretty obvious. When a company delivers an improper message at the wrong moment, it becomes equivalent to taking itself out of the sale. Any marketer knows that relevancy will automatically bring engagement and impact. When the audience thinks of relevancy, they expect to receive content which gives a solution to their problems and complies with their interests.

To stay out of the risk of irrelevant content, a marketer should carefully plan his strategy and follow it step by step. Companies should produce content which stays relevant during each stage of the buying cycle. Moreover, depending on the buying stage they are targeting, content strategists should follow the right tone and create appropriate messages to make sure they stay relevant for their buyers.

  • No return on investment

It doesn’t matter how big a company is, one of the biggest risks it will always face is the cost. Any investment, whether it is in content or any marketing strategy, should be carefully thought and analyzed. When costs sank, and there is no or minimum return on investment, then it means that the content marketing strategy needs some improvement. One of the most significant risks that any brand faces is the delay in seeing ROI after producing content.

Bill Williams, director of marketing at mentions that “any business gets affected when it doesn’t see a return on investment after some time. When the delay is of several months or even longer, then things start to become alarming. In comparison to paid ads, content marketing doesn’t have a high-speed conversion rate. It takes time until a business builds its authority on the market and gains the trust of its audience. Furthermore, the more time passes until the business sees a return on investment, the more the risks increase”.

  • Lack of resources

There are many business owners who choose to produce content in-house. No one knows the business better than themselves. Thus, creating their content marketing can be a good solution. However, when the plans are too high, one of the biggest risks that come along with this choice is the lack of resources. One of the biggest threats is the lack of time. A business owner who chooses to produce content marketing himself will have to do many other tasks apart from it. Therefore, he might soon discover that it becomes challenging to handle several activities at the same time. What is more, considering the importance of content marketing, it should be treated with maximum care and focus.

Another risk is the lack of budget. Especially in the case of small businesses, the resources are limited. Thus, paying a specialized person to produce content can be a serious investment. In addition, even if entrepreneurs find the financial resources to hire someone dedicated in content marketing, another risk that might appear is the lack of skills. It is not easy to find someone with the necessary knowledge to produce successful content. Thus, even if business owners create content themselves or they outsource it, they will have to pay for it in one way or another. This means that any business owner should carefully analyze his available budget and be prepared to support their business until the results appear.

  • Risk Aversion

One of the biggest risks in content marketing is being afraid of taking risks. It happens a lot of times that content marketers tend to stick to the strategies they know work the best. However, the market changes and competition become more challenging with every year. Therefore, any content marketer needs to adapt to the market trends and be ready to assume risks. Even though they have already a well-established audience and monthly subscribers visiting their website every month, marketers should try something entirely new from time to time.

However, assuming risk doesn’t mean putting the company’s budget at risk. If things already go well, any business should have a part of the budget prepared for situations when they want to test a different approach. Therefore, managers should be ready to support the business during the experiment and, in case it fails, be prepared to accept the results. Furthermore, each new and risky content type should be promoted together with well-established strategies that already work. Thus, in the case of the new strategy works, marketers can then scale it and include other popular subject topics. On the other hand, if it fails, they will have a good lesson to learn from and implement the learnings in their future strategies.

  • Content marketing team burnout

This is one serious risk which can affect any business. Especially when the pressure and expectations are high, the content marketing team can get seriously affected by it. Burnout creates not only physical and mental damages, but it can also destroy all the hard work put by the marketing team. Moreover, when exhaustion starts to appear in the team, it will become visible in the quality of content they produce. The regular readers will immediately see that something is wrong, and they will quickly identify any drop of quality. How can business owners prevent burnout? It is very important that they stay realistic and set their expectations following this criterion. Content marketers are also humans, and they can sometimes make mistakes. Therefore, a winning strategy will always be to set clear goals and agree on a long-term plan.

It is essential that brands don’t lose their voice after implementing their desired content marketing strategy. Acknowledging the risks that can appear with it represents a clear step forward for any business owner. Moreover, brands should understand their target audience and build their content marketing strategy by keeping in mind what their customer’s needs and desires. Customer research and constant communication with the customers will always lead to a successful content marketing strategy. Any marketer should think of what keeps his target audience excited, what type of products they need, and what answers they expect from their preferred brands. Finally, brands can mitigate risks by creating a clear set of guidelines to which their content marketing teams can refer to. Therefore, marketers can stick to the brand’s core message and establish long-term relationships with their readers.

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