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Robots Header Custom Tags in Blogger Blogspot.

Robots Header add Custom Tags in Blogger Blogspot.

Robots Header :- Blogger consists of very new features along with a Search Preferences Tab where we can improve our blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Settings and drive traffic from search engines. We previously shared many posts of Blogger Search Preferences like Custom Robots.txt File and Meta Description.

Robots Header
Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Custom Robots Head Tags works same as Robots.txt file as both tell search engines about our blog’s crawling area. But in Robots.txt file we have to write commands and in Robots Header we have to tick the area to crawl. Both are beneficial for getting traffic from search engines and improves our visibility in search results. So lets start how we can add custom robots header tags in your blogger blog.

Adding Custom Robots Header Tags:

  • Go To Blogger >> Settings >> Search Preferences
  • In The Crawlers and Indexing Section, Edit Custom Robots Head Tags and Tick “Yes” To Enable It.
robots header
Custom Robots Header Tags
  • Now A Long Box Will Appear Where You Have To Tick Mark The Fields. Tick Mark Some Important Fields With The Help Of The Image Below.
  • After Ticking The Fields Properly, Click “Save Changes” and You are Done!

Final Words:

So It’s the easy steps to add Custom Robots Header Tags to your Blogger Blog. Now It’s Your Turn to share this post to your friends and write your review in comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our updates by giving your Email id to get update newsletter in your mail because more amazing SEO procedure are knocking the door.
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