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Start a blog and the best blog platform available in Internet.

Today we will discuss What is Blog,How you can start a blog & what are the best blog platform available.

We might have all a personal diary where we always write our personal things & kept separate or in a hidden place because in this diary all the personal thing are written. But Blog just like our public dairy, where we can share different ideas, our thoughts with the whole world, It also may be creative stuff or technical stuff or service oriented also.Now a days people with smart phones, 70 to 80 percent people are connected to the internet and some number of village people are need be connected with internet as well. So, this is the opportunity, you can easily offer your services on internet.Here we will discuss best blog platform available in the internet to start blogging within 10 mins.

Best Blog Platform

This is probably most important topic that you can make decent money too by providing ads on your blog & doing affiliate marketing. Blogging is a very long journey. Some people do not know all process of blogging. They confused how to start their blogs.When I was a newbie I was also confused how I can start my own blog website. That time I was googling to know more how can I start my website.

Now it’s time that I can help many bloggers to make their own blog website.

Read Here Start your website in less than 5 Mins.

Some bloggers are failing to publish good content often which is most important to drive your blog in the right direction, so, they can’t persist and live their blogging dream for a long time and might they stop blogging.

If you really want to persist and succeed in blogging & you also want to make your career in blogging then before go to start blogging, know all the process and then start, Remember in blogging whole world is your customer.There is no limitation of providing online services to your customers & you can earn from the whole world.

It is true that Blogging is very much profitable, if you can make it in a correct way but it is not possible to see results immediately. If you can persist till get real 1000 followers who will be expecting to your next blog post then you can consider your blogging journey is going to be success.

If you are reading my post first time thinking to start your blog, then here we go How to create and what is required. You can start your own blog any time but before going to start your blog, You need to make a place in the internet for blogging.1st you need a little place on the internet for blogging. So you must have a domain name.

Don’t be too hurry assuming a good domain name for you. It is of course that u can change your domain later but it’s very difficult to change the brand once u got decent traffic in your brand name. Try to always choose it correct based on what you are going to do on this blog and all.

Tips for Blogging:-

Always go for .com or .org

You should not go for .in or .me or any other sites just because you get it for less amount comparing to .com or .org because .in represent your blog as it’s only intended to Indian audience and no other country people will look at your site but told you that in blogging whole world is your customer. So It is better to provide your services to whole world instead only in INDIA.

Not use any special characters or numbers in your domain name

Now a day’s people work with Google search (Android), Siri (iPhone) and Cortana in windows. These tools should not ask them back to spell your domain name.So,It is better to not have any special characters or numbers in your domain name.

Best Blog Platform:

Once you are done with domain name which is most important, now it’s time to create your blog on internet which can be done in 10 minutes on any of this platforms.Here is some best blog platforms available in the internet.

Blogger – A Best Blog platform:-

Designing BlogSpot or blogger account is so much easy as there are many templates freely available developed by google. If you want you can go for third party templates anytime which are available in the internet both free templates & Premium Templates.

Read Here How you can customize your theme in BlogSpot. is the free & best blog platform from Internet giant Here you can create your BlogSpot account with your Gmail account details.

WordPress – A best blog platform:- is also free & best blog platform to host your blog just like blogger with lot of many features available comparing to Blogger or BlogSpot from google. doesn’t allow you to customize the functionalities of features available. So if u r looking for any business kind of site then you have to go for self hosted u can buy hosting (it’s a place on server where we can store website files) to manage your data and it is under in your control.

Read Here Make website in WordPress & Customization.

  • YouTube channel: If you are doing any creative stuffs like movies or music or any types of show then better to start a you tube channel as we all know any interesting video on you tube goes viral and the make you famous in less time compared to any other platform. If u are reviewing gadgets or movies in live in front of camera,you should start video blogging with YouTube absolutely free and can make also good amount of money if you run it correctly.

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