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Strikingly – Website Builder Review | Time to Make Your Own Website

Here I am going to write a detail review of Strikingly website builder. First of all I want to say you that information mentioned in the article about strikingly as per my own observation & true as per my experience.

So, Let’s get started.

I am considering that you wants to make your own website. Reason for considering is that you might probably searching for How to Make own website or Best Website Builder – Something like that & you got the article from Google.. So, If I am right then you are in the right place. After reading this article you can completely understand How anyone can create his own website within some simple steps. Making your own website nowadays is not a very difficult job if you have some knowledge about computer technology.  But the most difficult job is to choose the niche which is called topic for your website.

If you search in Google then you will find many different types of websites. Here I am mentioning the different types of websites here.

  1. Blog or Personal Website
  2. Business Website
  3. Ecommerce
  4. Job Board
  5. Business Directory
  6. Question Answer Website
  7. Non Profits and Religious Websites
  8. Online Communities
  9. Coupon Website
  10. Auction Websites
  11. Multilingual Websites
  12. Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites
  13. Podcasting Websites
  14. Niche Affiliate Websites
  15. Photography Websites
  16. School or College Websites
  17. Private Blogs
  18. Family Blogs

There are many more but right now I know only about these types of websites any one can make & the interesting part is you do not have to do a single word of coding to make this type of awesome websites. Now a days there are many website builders are available in the internet world who helps every one (of course who wants) to make their own websites with the help of some awesome website builders.

We have already shared how you can make your own website using wordpress & start making money online. Here I can add some points for making money online. To start make money online you do not have to wait for make your own website. You can just start make money online by freelancing. I have already shared different types of freelancing job you can do to earn some buks. You can find many freelancers who have quitted their 9 to 5 job & started working as a freelancer & they are very happy now with their decision. Here is the not end – If you are social addict then this is not bad for you at all. You can easily monetize your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & also earn some good amount of money every day & every month. Here you can find how you can start monetizing your social accounts with BlogMint.

So, Let’s back to the track. We are talking about how to make own websites. Here I am mentioning some platforms where you can make your own website.

  1. Blogger :- It is a free website creator from the Google itself. You can easily start making your own blog with the help of blogger. Blogger is owned by Google – So you don’t have  complete authority on your blogs. You can not post articles as per your own choice. Always you have to maintain the Google terms & condition. Also it is a free platform so you can not customize your blog as per your own choice. I mean to say you can make a simple blog without any customization in blogger platform.
  2. WordPress :- In wordpress there are two types of versions are available.
  • Free Version :- It is more or less like blogger. You can just make a simple blog website using wordpress free version.
  • Paid version :- In paid version wordpress is not taking any money for making a website. I mean to say if you want to make your dream website with lots of customization & lots of features then you can start with wordpress. But to make this successful you have to choose good website company. After buy hosting from a reputed company you can start you own dream website. Here you can find step by step method how you can make your dream website with wordpress & Blue Host web hosting.

Strikingly – One Page Website Builder:-

About Strikingly:-

Strikingly brings beautiful mobile websites to everyone.

What’s so special about a Strikingly site? Simplicity, clarity, and accessibility. The mobile age is upon us, and having a mobile-optimized website is more important than ever. Don’t lose your visitors under the weight of a heavy, confusing website. The same goes for editing: don’t stress out about micromanaging your page, and don’t waste time wondering where to change something. Edit it all on one page, and get it done fast.

Strikingly Usefulness:-

By using strikingly you can easily make one page website with an hour. Nowadays one page websites are very popular in the internet world.These type of website mostly created by someone to provide simple informations with large images. Most website builders aren’t well-suited to create one page websites. There are many website builders who are not allow you to build one-page websites. But since Strikingly exclusively builds one-page websites, they have the best interface for building one-page websites.

By using strikingly you can easily make below mentioned websites. Its really amazing:-

  1. Blog
  2. Business website
  3. Company or personal portfolio
  4. Startup websites
  5. Fun websites
  6. Online Store websites
  7. Online Events Websites

Over all Strikingly is your best option if you’d like to build a one page website. It’s uniquely suited for that and will work well.

Strikingly Pros & Cons:-

By using strikingly you can make one page website as well as blog post also:-

In the blog editor section you can lists posts and links to individual pages. The style of the individual pages is not tied into your template— instead individual pages have their own style. You can add comments to your blog and integrate with Disqus. You can also create drafts of posts (but can’t set automatic publish your posts).

In Strikingly with blog post you can make e commerce platform also:-

You can easily set product variations, set shipping options and create coupon codes. The coupon code editor is very simple— you set % discounts but you cannot set coupons for only a certain product type or category. There is no product categories, digital products or tax system.

Build Form in strikingly:-

There is a contact form you can drop into your website. You can simply choose from Name, Email, Phone and Message. Submissions are sent to directly to your email address.

iOS & Android Apps of Strikingly:-

Strikingly has fully functional & managed iPad and iPhone apps by which you can edit your website and view analytics.

Build Newsletter via Strikingly:-

There is a option of Newsletter in strikingly. You can also build newsletter signup form but it doesn’t integrate with any mailing list providers (such as Mailchimp).

Strikingly Themes:-

Strikingly has some cool themes to choose from. The themes are fresh, contemporary, and skew towards startups and freelancers.

One of the very good part of Strikingly’s themes is that they are very much mobile-friendly. All themes are responsive and look great on mobile devices.

Customer Support of Strikingly:-

There’s a knowledge base in strikingly with Pre-Publish checklist which is really handy for someone and Idea Forum where you can share your suggestions on how to improve Strikingly. You can also contact their support via email.

Pricing Policy of Srtikingly:-

There’s a free plan allowing you to publish a nice one-page website using Strikingly subdomain. To attach a custom domain name and unlock advanced editing tools, you have to upgrade your account. There are two packages: Limited and Pro.

Social Feed in Strikingly website:-

There is a good option of social feed in strikingly websites. You can show your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed directly on your site.

Strikingly Press:-

Strikingly is growing in the internet like a hell. Presently it has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Techcrunch, LifeHacker, Chicago Tribune, Inc & many more. By this press release you can easily understand How it is growing now a days. You can find the complete details in their website.

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Strikingly Review Conclusion:-

I like Strikingly much from any other website builder because its simplicity and value added services I have already mentioned in the article. If you have any concern then you can simply drop a comment here. I will try clear your all doubts as well as you can contact them via their website. They will clear your doubts easily.


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One thought on “Strikingly – Website Builder Review | Time to Make Your Own Website”

  1. Raj says:

    Nice post and analogy, I think now a days websites are necessary for all kind of industries, be it start up or small scale industries. One can easily get website for a cheap price and choose platforms, of course website builders are a nice choice, but I always prefer WordPress over custom website builder, as WordPress offers many ready made tools which is free as well as user friendly. May be one should go for custom website builder only if there is a requirement of high customization.

    Thanks for the post.

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